2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Was Updated for the New Season

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C is a compact sports car with a rear wheel drive. It was built by Maserati in Modena, Italy. This car was launched in the U.S. market after a long break of almost 2 years for the Italian Manufacturing House.

Brand Alfa Romeo
Model 4C
Generation 4C
Engine 1.7 (240 Hp)
Doors 2
Power 240 hp
Maximum speed 258 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 4.5 sec
Fuel tank volume 40 l

Alfa Romeo 4c Design

The new 4C is a vehicle that is the correct combination of extremely high-quality materials like carbon fibers and aluminum. This spec reveals that there is the car offers comfortable handling and a gas financial system. The headlights are a breathtaking feature have a bug-like appearance. The headlights are made of Bi-LED or halogen along with carbon fiber for increased efficiency. The wheels are 17” and 18” in size and in and are made in aluminum and matte black with a diamond finish. Buyers can even customize the colors of the brake calipers. 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C has a 2 pipe option for the exhaust which you can select according to regular use or use as a sports car. Better LED lighting and light signals adorn the rear of this vehicle. The weight of  the automobile is a low 890 Kg because of its compact shape and the light construction materials. This negates the need for a steering pump. The brand logo is proudly displayed on the front grille of the car. The shape of the car is tapered till it reaches the top. Lattice parts which work as a leaf are set on the left of the vehicle. Air vents are placed above the doors to keep the temperature down. The overall look of the car is very dynamic and powerful.

Alfa romeo 4c Red

Alfa romeo 4c on the Racetrack

ALFA ROMEO 4C Interior

New colors and the use of new technologies in the car make the interior extremely appealing. The stunning interiors make the car one of the most enjoyable to ride in. The steering wheel fits perfectly to sports car and there is plenty of cabin space available for two passengers. There are a cup and a cell phone holder available for the convenience of the passengers. The seats are gorgeous and available in a leather base in the shades of black and purple combined with an unknown material made of a leather-based and microfiber material and pink stitches. The interior also features a modern music system with surround sound. Other commendable features include the central console, air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity, and much more. More features might also be available.

Alfa romeo 4c Powerful engine


The engine beneath the hood of the 2017 Alfa Romeo 4C is a 1.7 L turbo F-Cylinder Engine which is based on the previous models from the same manufacturing facility. The gas consumption has been improved upon as well as the exhaust system. A new design feature involves Alfa’s new “scavenging” system which is responsible for a computerized valve overlap, torque and throttle response. The engine has a capacity of producing 240 Horsepower and a torque of up to 258 lb/ft. The car has the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph within 4.5 seconds and has a high speed of 160 mph. There is a “race” button for lovers of high speed. One click on it makes you feel like you are on the racetrack.

Alfa romeo 4c in the Mountains

Alfa romeo 4c at the Presentation


The Alfa Romeo will enter the market in late 2015 for UK fans. U.S will have to wait till early next year to take a ride in this beauty. The price of the vehicle will be 45,000 pounds or $75,000. The money will be well spent for those who do purchase it as they will get the value with every kilometer.

Alfa romeo 4c Side doors

Alfa romeo 4c Backdoor

Alfa romeo 4c White