2015 Audi A-9 Concept or Production Model

The German company of Audi has entered into it’s successful 83rd year of manufacture with the 2015 Audi A-9. This car is the latest luxury car the brand has to offer in the sports car and sedan category. The design of this collection is the epitome of luxury and class. It is a successor of the Audi R-8 with a similar entrance. Some of its other competitors include the Volkswagen MSG, Porsche Panamera and similar models by Bentley and Lamborghini. The A9 combines several of the features available in all these models into one gorgeous car. This is a revolutionary model which can revolutionize the automobile industry.

2015 Audi A-9 Front View

Audi A-9 Design and Options

While designing and manufacturing the 2015 Audi A9, it seems like the primary thought of the specialists was to create the most innovative and elegant vehicle. Frequently criticized for its lack of innovation, it seems like the designers went all out with this brand. The concept and style of this car are like no other. The car has been conceptualized in the Audi Design Center in Ingolstadt, headed by the company’s lead designer, Mark Lihtea. The sporty features of the new A9 and style elements are to serve as a base for many upcoming models. The striking appearance that has made Audi a popular name will probably still be continued but with sculptured design elements with a more streamlined look. The performance value of the vehicle will be even more visible in the new design.

An unknown Nanotechnology material that is still under the test is supposed to be utilized to create the one-piece windscreen and the roof. This breakthrough feature allows for the car being able to repair damage itself and has a lot features like color and opacity which can be adjusted. One of the more dramatic features is that the car can change its color with the help of an electronic painting system that can be accessed by the mere pressing of a button. The spectacular innovations in this car have supposedly been inspired by the design of Santiago Calavatra’s modern and futuristic architecture in Valencia.

2015 Audi A-9 Headlights


Although, the car is still in development some assumptions have been made about the Audi A9 Engine. The MLB platform also known as Modular Longitudinal Architecture which is in use by the A8 will be probably what the A9 is based on. A selection of drive trains will probably be considered as options ranging from the traditional huge displacement engines to contemporary hybrid setups. Four wheel-in motors will be working along with the internal combustion engine. There is an opportunity for both rear and a coup version to come into production soon. The interior of the car is estimated to be as opulent as possible to match the exteriors. Leather seating and log-cabin trims are said to be combined with light weight aluminum.

2015 Audi A-9 Powerful

A-9 Launch Date and Price

Since a lot of the materials needed for production are still under development, there has been no official launch date released for the Audi A-9. It is however estimated to be released sometime in late 2016 or 2017. The estimated price of the base model is expected to be starting from $140,000 and can go up to $160,000 or above.

If the predictions are correct and in 2016 Audi A9 will be available, then a few years later we can expect also the release of more powerful RS model.

2015 Audi A-9 Good wheel

2015 Audi A-9 Comfortable seats