2015 Ford Ranger Modifications- Powerful Appearance and Electronics

The Ford Ranger is the preferred choice for many in the mid-size truck category. It has created a niche for itself amongst the large variety of trucks available in the market. Almost every company has manufactured at least one vehicle in this category. 2015 Ford Ranger Modifications is a great car which has received several modifications this year to make it better than before in terms of performance and looks. But, this beauty of a pickup truck is set to be sold in almost every country except for the U.S. Despite being on sale in as many as 180 different countries, the manufacturers have still not planned to introduce it to the automobile markets in U.S. or Canada. However, there is always the chance that it might be introduced there on a later date depending on the demand that the car is able to generate in these nations.

Ford ranger Side doors

Brand Ford
Model Ranger
Generation Ranger II
Engine 4.0 (207 Hp) MT
Doors 2
Power 207 hp
Fuel tank volume 64 l

The new style of 2015 Ford Ranger Modifications

The 2015 Ford ranger was displayed at the Bangkok Auto Show earlier this year where it received a lot of acclaim. The exterior and the interior of this new model have undergone a complete facelift. Contemporary lines and the latest styling techniques have been combined to create a new and modern exterior. The front end of the car has an aggressive touch to it but it is not as obvious as the other pick-up trucks. The aggression has a touch of elegance in it, in line with the styling of European trucks. New additions to the fascia include a sophisticated grille and bumper. This gives the car an altogether sleeker and more stylish appearance than the previous models.

Ford ranger Backdoor

The redesign is, even more, prominent in the interior of the car. The interior cabin looks just as stylish as a coupe or sedan. A high-quality infotainment system by SYNC2 with an 8” wide touchscreen display makes the dashboard stand out from the others. The seats are extremely comfortable and all the features that are expected from a FORD vehicle are available in this car. The safety features available in this car are also commendable. New features include adaptive cruise control, lane and parking assistance, emergency brake assistance, and several camera and motion sensors. One innovative feature being the driver impairment alerts which increase gradually if the car thinks you are not driving too well. Some of these features might come at an extra cost but a full-fledged model with all the works can get all these features.

Ford ranger Interior

Ford ranger at the Presentation

The 2015 Ford Ranger Modifications has an engine quite similar to his predecessors, with slight changes that make it more energy-efficient. The buyers have a choice to choose from 3 engines. The turbo diesel engines are 3.2 L 5-Cylinder and a 2.2 L 4-Cylinder and generate a power of 197 Horsepower and torque of 347 lb-ft and 158 Horsepower and 284 lb-ft respectively. The gas engine is a 2.2L which has a power of 164 Horsepower and torque of 166 lb-ft. The engine can  achieve a fuel efficiency of 18% higher than before. The car also has a stellar ground clearance of 9” and can cross up to 31.5“ of water height.

The price for the new Ranger is between $23,000-$36,000 in Asian countries. In Europe, the 2015 Ford Ranger 3rd generation is priced from 27,132 EUR, for which you get a pickup with a single cab, two front airbags, audio system with four speakers, 16-inch steel wheels, ESP, power windows and exterior mirrors with electric settings and heating.

Ford ranger in the Mountains