2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse – Specification, Release Date and Concept

The craze for new model cars will never end within the customers. 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse is a concept car now. The Concept and the Specs of the car are designed by the experts of the company in such a way to meet the customers’ interests. Mitsubishi Eclipse is designed thinking about the successive predecessors and a futuristic look in mind. Take a look at the official photos, it portraits the car with an extremely modern look. The exterior look of the car seems geometrically designed with Aerodynamic lines and curves. This car has a very surreal futuristic look. This stunning design is simply a masterpiece of famous Japanese designers. The designer is well known about insights of a customer. They simply have designed a stunning car with sporty look that attracts present car-lovers. When this model hit the road on its release date, it will be the greatest hit on car history ever. As this car is still in design phase, the release date is not yet announced.

2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse Side doors

Brand Mitsubishi
Model Eclipse
Generation Eclipse IV
Engine 3.8L MIVEC
Doors 3
Power 265 hp

Mitsubishi Eclipse Review

Wild Force Loaders 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse is expected with following specs, Engines are said to be one in the following version.

>> A bit of naive engine – 2.4 L SOHC MIVEC with four cylinders 16 which produces 162 hp

>> 3.8 L engine which produces 265 hp

Unofficial Reviews says that these engines and their accompanying equipment works in conjunction will cause that these cars accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds. This car is totally designed with low weight material to consume less fuel. The interiors are designed to support the speed of this car. The materials used are sturdy.

2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse 4 Views

This car has 3 doors. The door is not an ordinary type and it has Lambo doors that open upwards. This door adds a sporty look to the car. The Fenders are broad and makes the car look broad and big. It is rich in features and expected to match the Cooper in several categories.

The interiors are also being designed well. The cabins are boosted with sporty aspects and enhanced with vibrant colors. High-quality materials are used. The Steering Wheel is encapsulated with leather. The seats are duly postured. The interior is fixed with dashboards fitting the electronic gadgets like Mobiles and Tablets.

2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse Inside

New Mitsubishi Eclipse Design 2015

When a design equipped to a machine, it must fit the functionality. The image of the car is futuristic, but there may be some changes included suitable to its functionality. This car looks like an expert drawing. But when it appears at the market, it may be redesigned and look little different. For example, Changes in the headlights that are swept-back and their inner corners are going deep into the thin black bars. Still, it must be said that under the LED front, there is large air intake, which are also of a very unpleasant form. At the back of the car, Air-intake is possible through triangle shaped area. Beneath the triangle area, there is pair of oval exhaust pipes. The attractive appearance of this car comes out by fixing of extra five thick bars of aluminum alloy.  Let’s hope that the modifications don’t change the sporty look of the car.

The price of 2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse is still unknown. It is expected to be higher than it’s predecessor because of its top rated design. The engine also seems to be more powerful.

2015 Mitsubishi Eclipse Powerful engine