2015 Nissan Z Concept and Price

The 2015 Nissan Z-car is part of a series of sports cars released by Japanese automobile manufacturers – Nissan Motors Ltd. Having been introduced in 1969, the Nissan Z sports-car series has a rich history in the automobile industry.

The history of the glorious Nissan Z Coupe is about to begin with a clean slate: the car will turn into a SUV! The concept that anticipates a radical novelty, is promised to be shown in Frankfurt.

Brand Nissan
Model 370Z
Generation 370Z NISMO
Engine 3.7 V6 (344 Hp)
Doors 2
Power 344 hp
Maximum speed 250 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 5.2 sec
Fuel tank volume 72 l

When is the 2015 Nissan Z launching?

The official release date of 2015 Nissan Z has long been awaited by avid fans and followers since its debut at the Detroit Auto show in 2015. In all probability, the new car is expected to be present at all major auto exhibits this year. However the large-scale sales and official release of the new Nissan Z would be discovered only with the arrival of 2016.

2015 Nissan Z Headlights

How impressive does Nissan Z’s exterior design look?

Nissan Z has maintained the same designconcept for almost 50 years, but it does certainly sport some modifications in its exterior. The traditional two-seat Grand Tourer (GT) witha fastback roofline, short deck, six-cylinders, a long hood and a rear hatch. It displays a sporty look with a longer streamlined body made from lighter materials and components fabricated from carbon fibre which aids in strengthening the automobile’s exterior. The headlights display sharp contours, outfitted with high lights. The exhaust system functions ideally being set within chrome pipes on both sides to reduce strain. The wheels on this new 2015 Nissan Z have been redesigned uniquely sized at 19 inches. The overall dimensions of the car are 167.5inches in length, 72.6 inches in width and 51.8 inches in height with a wheelbase set at 100.4 inches.

2015 Nissan Z Front View

2015 Nissan Z Backdoor

How stylish are Nissan Z’s interiors?

The sleek interior design of the new Nissan Z defines the complete essence of the sports car-genres – a combo of power and performance. The cozy bucket-seats with leather upholstery (special anti-slippage materials) and seat warmers are tailored for anatomically perfect lumbar support. The carmakers also pay specific attention to safety standards with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), differential lock, digital brakes, digital stability, air bags and so on. One of the major highlights in the Nissan Z’s interior specs is the Bose Audio System which gives an incredible sound experience. The audio features a six CD changer and an 8-speaker system that includes a 10″ subwoofer behind the driver’s seat.

2015 Nissan Z in the Mountains

How’s the engine power of the new Nissan Z?

Beneath the sleek exterior of the new 2015 Nissan Z is a very powerful 3.7L V6 Engine which can produce an output throttle of 332 horsepower at 7000 RPM and 270 lb-ft Torqueat 5200 rpm. This potent automobile can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.1 seconds. The V6 engine is paired with a 6-speedmanual transmission or 7-speed automated transmission system.

2015 Nissan Z at the Presentation

What’s the price value of the 2015 Nissan Z?

The competition and demand for the new 2015Nissan Z based on official photos, previews, price and release date is exceptionally high. Most manufacturers are trying to meet the high demand by increasing their production at lower costs, without compromising on quality. The starting price range for this model of automotive is expected to be around $30,000.