2015 Range Rover Sport- Giant Fast Debutant

Range Rover is already an established name in the luxury, mid-sized SUV category. Land Rover has been making quality models in Range Rovers since 2005. A lot is expected of the new model of the iconic brand called the 2015 Range Rover Sport.

Brand Land Rover
Model Range Rover
Generation Range Rover Sport
Engine 5.0 L AJ-V8 (510 Hp) Supercharged
Doors 5
Power 510 hp
Maximum speed 229 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 5.4 sec
Fuel tank volume 90 l

Range Rover Sport Design

The new model in this range is an extremely attractive SUV with clean, modern lines and amazing features. According to sources, it is the fastest amongst all the SUV’s that have ever been on the road. This large automobile is 196.8” in length, 87.4” in width and 72.2” in height. It has a gorgeous exterior that look great whichever way you see it from. The elegant front cover is available in the shape of a honeycomb in a shade of black. Air intake great increased as compared to previous models. Automatic Xenon headlights look extremely stylish. The body and aerodynamics have also been improved upon. The wipers come equipped with rain sensors. One striking feature is that the roof comes in a different color than the body. We can find an inbuilt roof spoiler with a light signal at the rear of the vehicle. The car is equipped with a well-designed trunk with electronically automated doors. Heated seats and LED lights are some of the other features which make this car highly efficient. The wheels used are 19” alloy wheels in a Satin Dark Grey. There is an option to customize the wheel size to up to 22”.

2015 Range Rover Sport White

New Range Rover Interior

The stylish interior of 2015 Range Rover Sport fits the bill perfectly. Specially reinforced leather seats give the interior a luxurious feel. Aluminum trims give it an attractive look. Sharper driving is facilitated with the non-slip materials used that improve the stability of the  seat’s occupant. The car comes equipped with heaters, electronic adjustments, and customizable lumbar parts. The cabin can comfortably accommodate up to 7 passengers. There is plenty of leg space for each of the passengers in the car. A lot of command options are available in the leather-covered steering wheels. The cockpit contains an interactive, touch-screen display which is 8” in size. It has all the necessary, contemporary features including Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, Audio jack etc. A state-of-the-art Meridian Audio System has been placed for the users pleasure. Voice Commands can be used to access the features. An excellent navigation system shows you the directions during long journeys. A pleasing LED light system illuminates the interior of the car. There is also plenty of storage space for small items. Some of the key safety features in the car  design are safety airbags, vehicle speed limiter, additional lights, stronger brake system, Parking sensors, Auto immobilizer, etc.

2015 Range Rover Sport on Highway

Engine of 2015 Range Rover

The base model of the Range Rover comes with a 3.0L V6 Engine with 24 Valves. This engine is capable of producing 340 Horsepower and 332 lb-ft of Torque. The engine will be combined with an 8-sped auto transmission. Power and safety are some of the key elements of an enhanced version of the engine which will be a 5.0L V8 engine. It will have a capacity for producing 510 Horsepower. This engine will be the most powerful engine that Land Rover has ever launched. A speed of 0-60 miles/hr can be achieved in a lightning fast speed of 4.5 seconds. There is an inbuilt electronic speed limit of 161.5 miles/hr. It is an all-wheel drive with adaptive dynamics.

2015 Range Rover Sport Side doors

Release Date and Price

The new model has been introduced to visitors at Auto shows in Chicago and New York. The sales are expected to begin this fall. The price of the Sport will depend on the equipment chosen, but the base model will cost an approximate of $93,000.

2015 Range Rover Sport at the Presentation

2015 Range Rover Sport Inside