2015 Spyker B6 Venator – Global Brand Revival

The life of a car manufacturer company is never easy. It has to face many challenges even after a successful start. The company will face stiff competition and has to withstand any financial crisis. Sustaining and reviving the company to the past glory will be very difficult for the leaders of the company, which present 2015 Spyker B6 Venator.

Brand Spyker
Model B6 Venator
Engine transverse mounted v6
Max power 375+ BHP
Drivetrain type RWD
Transmission 6-SPD Automatic

With the craze for super sport cars Spyker has made a brave attempt to resurrect the lost battle of modern cars. In 2013 83 Geneva Motor the Spyker has introduced luxury two seater sport car, one of its kind for the company.

The release of this concept caused waves of interest among the enthusiasts. This was the reason for high expectations on the production design of the car. When introduced the car was just a concept but the company has come up with a definite date and price.

Spyker B6 Venator Inside

The production version is out and has more or less same look and feel of the prototype version. There have been additions to this production design to make it adaptable to the urban roads and modern driving.

B6 Venator interior is characteristic for Spyker manner. high-quality materials such as premium leather and natural aluminum have been used for its finishing.

Maintaining the same design of the concept is quite difficult. This is because the production requires few things to be amended as per the rules and the design needs modification. But this has not been the case with the 2015 Spyker B6.  The design remains the same with minor changes.

The company’s comeback attempt with the 2015 Spyker B6 transformed into the highlights below:

  • The radiator grille has been given the trademark V-shape, this was in reference to the past Spyker models. This is the vintage touch to the car.
  • Headlights and the front design marks the style and look of the car. This car has an aggressive look and credits to the LED light lining the headlights.
  • The rare panel now has the brake light as this allows the smooth flow of the design.
  • The massive wheel with the mirror finish makes it amazing to look at.

Speaker b6 View from above

The above are the exterior highlights of the car. Interiors of the car are also made amazing and refreshing. This keeps the passenger to enjoy the actual comfort of the modified design of the car. Check out the highlights below

  • The interiors are so well designed that it would be only possible for a airline company to design so well. The history of aircraft manufacture for the company helped this aspect.
  • The electronics involved also are in reference to the aero plane cockpit, the lights lit up when the engine is started like in ‘pre-take off check’. The material used for dashboard of the car is aluminum which is taken from the Spyker’s in 1920s.
  • The gear change mechanism is exposed and this has been inspired from Spyker’s aviation heritage.

Speaker b6 Dashboard

Spyker B6 Venator

Specs of 2015 Speaker B6 Venator

The 2015 Spyker B6 comes with all carbon fiber body.  This makes the vehicle lighter and fuel efficient. The aero dynamic design of the car helps to attain high speeds in a shorter time. The car is powered with a rear mount engine. This is a transverse mounted V6 engine and delivers a maximum power of 375+bhp with a 6 speed automatic drivetrain.

Release and Price

The concept has begun the production in late 2014 and has been marketed in certain parts of globe. The car would be seen all across the globe in selected nations by late 2015.

In U.S a sale commencing early, the price has been identified as $150,000. This is $25,000 more than the fixed roof sibling of the monster.

Speaker b6 at the Presentation