2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid – Modifications and Peculiaities

Petite, small, precise, concise are all adjectives that can be used to describe the 2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid

This model was first released in 2006 and has undergone massive redesign in order to keep up with today’s ever changing consumer needs. The Japanese car maker Toyota, after having enjoyed success with the earlier model saw no reason to get rid of this working model so instead they just opted to update the already existing car.

2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid at the Presentation

Brand Toyota
Model Auris
Generation Auris II
Engine 1.8 VVT-i (99 Hp + 82 Hp) Hybrid
Doors 5
Power 136 hp
Maximum speed 180 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 10.9 sec

Taking a Look at Toyota Auris 2015 Modifications

So just what are these new modifications that have been made to the 2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid model? Before we look at the modifications let us look at some of the more regular features of the model.

Underneath the hood you will find a 1.8 VVT-I engine that can operate a combined horsepower of 99hp and 82 hp. The maximum power you will get from this car is 136 HP. The maximum speed however is a whooping 180km/h. The acceleration speed however is slower than that of some of the more recent Toyota models such as the 2016 Toyota Harrier Hybrid models. The acceleration speed from zero to 100km/h for this car is 10.9sec.

In terms of size of the car, this model is smaller than the 2006 versions. This is where the modifications begin. Where better to start than with the size of the car. The weight and length however are still relatively the same, nothing much has changed there. The car also has an entrance grille which is partitioned into two parts. The first part is made of chrome strips which aide in connecting the headlights.  The headlights and rear lights of the car are all fitted with LED diodes. All of these specs contribute significantly to the superior aerodynamic properties exhibited by the car.

2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid Inside

This model has more technology added to it than its predecessors such as rain sensors. A sunroof capable of retracting and closing at the touch of a button has been included. This makes for a pleasant driving experience especially on those days when all you want to do is feel some wind blowing in your hair, or when you just want to feel some sunshine.

2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid White

What’s Toyota Auris Interior Like?

Toyota has done well with the interior of the latest model. Made from high quality materials, the seats are incredibly comfortable if the official photos we see are to be trusted. The latest digital technology and navigation systems and air conditioners have all been included. This car is definitely worth considering if you wanted to purchase a new car this year.

5 passengers can fit in the car’s cabin. There are four doors, 2 for the front passengers and 2 for the rear passengers. Windows are controlled automatically. The steering wheel comes tri-partitioned with an extensive set of controls for the car’s different needs. There is a digital screen from which you can read the car’s measurable such as torque and speed. You also have the ability to link your mobile phone to these control buttons thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. And lastly the 2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid comes with alloy wheels which are 17 inches in size.

2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid Backdoor