2015 Toyota Supra – Concept and Release date

2015 Toyota Supra is a sleek car whose performance on the tarmac as a sports car has impressed us. The new novelty from Toyota is set to be a head turner thanks to the car’s new concept, design and modifications. It is common knowledge that Toyota enjoys its fair share of sporty looking vehicles and this one is no exception to the rule, in fact it comes and joins the ranks of Toyota’s 2000GT Celica and FT86 models.

Brand Toyota
Model Supra
Generation Supra (A8)
Engine 3.0 i 24V T-turbo (330 Hp)
Doors 3
Power 330 hp
Maximum speed 250 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 5.1 sec

It has been hard trying to replace the Supra which some have even argued has been one of Japan’s better front engine and rear wheel drive sports cars. The Supra concept so far has been pretty simple. The car’s design is to simply give you the ultimate fun filled driving experience.

2015 Toyota Supra Powerful engine

New Toyota Supra concept and pricing

The concept behind the 2015 Toyota Supra has already been revealed at events such as the 2015 Detroit Car Show. The design is sporty as has always been the Supra generation and line of cars. In terms of pricing, the Toyota Supra is  voletile between the USD$40, 000 and USD$50, 000. The range is there to accommodate the different models of the car that are going to be available.

The release date has been scheduled for early 2016 seeing as the car hasn’t been released in the last quarter of 2015 as some had hoped.

2015 Toyota Supra Good wheel

What makes the Supra stand out?

The Supra stands out because of its sheer look. The design and style of the car is what makes people like this car. All you need to do is take one look at pictures of the exterior of the car to know what we are talking about. Whether you are planning on purchasing the car in the color red or white, you can never go wrong with the Supra. There are other colors of course to choose from including black. The alloy wheels on the body of the car just give it that look that says, ‘I’m the car you have been looking for buy me!’

2015 Toyota Supra Side doors

A look under the hood

Toyota may have settled on the 3.0 i24V T-turbo as their engine of choice. This came after a series of discussions and arguments as to which engine model to include.  However there are some car experts arguing that Toyota will in fact settle on a hybrid model in the end and use the 3.5 liter V6 engine which is capable of churning out 350 hp and an impressive 372 Nm worth of torque. There is another third engine that some expect to see in the Supra model and that is the 5Liter V8 engine which has a 450 horsepower capacity as well as a staggering 520 Nm worth of torque.

The top speed expected for this model is a record 275km/hr. This makes sense because this car is designed to be a sports car. You will not be cruising at these speeds within the city however.

2015 Toyota Supra at the Presentation