2016 BMW i9- Centenary of the Сompany with a New Supercar

BMW has expanded its product range with an energetic new Hybrid Plug-In with the new i9 model. These engines are characterized by adding the “i” prefix, previous examples of which are the i6 and the i8. The new 2016 BMW i9 is positioned to be a supercar with all the features that should be present in a contemporary, modern car. Competition includes the Mercedes-Benz AMG and the AUDI R8 GT. This model is being launch to celebrate the 100 years of BMW company. The design is supposedly based on the iconic M1 supercar which had ceased production in 1981. Similar to the M1 of which only 476 copies were made, the i9 could also be released as a limited edition to signify its importance.

There are a lot of assumptions and rumors about the exterior of this awaited automobile. In accordance to the rumors, the automobile is supposed to have 2 doors. There is probably limited interior space within the cabin to put more stress into the exterior appearance. This model is anticipated to have a much more aggressive appearance than its predecessor, the i8. The exterior profile of the BMW i9 might be  slightly decreased. Rumors say that lighter materials like carbon-fiber and aluminum will be used in the body to make it lighter and improve performance. The weight distribution ratio will probably be 50:50. Other assumed features are better aerodynamics due to the side fenders and stylish lines that will result in better specs.

2016 BMW i9 on Highway

The interior of the car is estimated to match the high standards of BMW cars. The interior should be much plusher and comfortable than the i8 with leather seating. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and wireless charging are some of the features that will be available to smarter use of technology. A high-quality infotainment system with high emphasis on safety and control will be there to appeal to customers. No cost will be spared and all the features that are expected of a luxury, sports car are estimated to be provided.

BMW i9 Engine and Design

A 3.0 L 6V Engine will be used with the 2016 BMW i9 in direct contrast to the previous model which had a 3-Cylinder Engine. The weight of the new model is slightly larger than that of the i8 which was 3285 lb, although it will still come under the 3500 lb mark. This is due to changes in the design to make it stronger and more durable, and also due to the addition of larger electric batteries. An electric motor will probably be used in the new supercar. The car will be able to generate a power greater than 500 Horsepower because of the petrol engine and electric motor. It will take approximately 3.8 to 4 seconds for the car to go from 0 to 60 mph speed.  The high speed of the vehicle can go up to 155 mph. The engine will be able to produce a power 420 lb-ft of torque.

2016 BMW i9 in the City

2016 BMW i9 Amazing

BMW i9 Launch Date and Cost

The manufacturers are trying to get the new model on the road in Spring 2016, in time for its 100’th anniversary. The car is priced at a premium and will probably be a limited edition going up to $175,000.

2016 BMW i9 Side doors

2016 BMW i9 Headlights