2016 BMW9 – a Prototype of “the Future Luxury”

BMW, the German automobile manufacture has been the pioneer of its industry. The cars from BMW are known for their styling, elegance and power. With the car industry getting crowded day by day, BMW is looking to bring in a ultra-modern designs to all of its segments. The 2016 BMW9 is one such concept design coming to life. The upcoming 9 series of BMW is believed to be a game changer for the company. The BMW 9 is all set to impress and delight its enthusiasts coming to life from being a concept sedan. As already mentioned the 9 series is expected to bring in larger markets under BMW scanner.

BMW9 at the Presentation

Brand BMW
Model BMW 9
Generation BMW 9 Series
Engine twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8
Doors 2

BMW9 Design

The design of a luxury sedan in many ways echoes the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe, which swept across the world exhibitions last year. At the company they keep polishing the style of the exterior, while willing to introduce new traits: grille “nostrils” became even bigger, and the laser head optics narrowed to predatory squinted hull back is rather short, and the rear doors open counter-movement.


The design of 2016 BMW9 is one of the finest designs the company has given to its cars. Though there are few aspects which are borrowed from 7 series the 9 series cars have a fresh look. The styling of this luxurious sedan has been given prime importance with sleek finish and smooth curves. Definitely this one is head turner.

Versatility has been the key to the modern design of BMW cars. The 9 series adds versatility to the elegant design. The front of the BMW is the most attractive design of the sedan. The front has the regular BMW grilles along with the sleek headlamps. The thin laser based light adds to the aggressive look.


The design changes are not restricted to the exterior but also the interior is well designed to give the passenger an entirely different feeling than other BMWs. It has a trendy look which making it refreshing to stay in the car for a long time.

The car is long and has more than enough leg room. It is more than comfortable ride for four passengers. There is a comfortable spacing for headroom. This gives the luxury sedan the most needed comfort.

Like most of the modern day cars the 2016 BMW9 will be equipped with the most updated infotainment system and similar technologies as present in 7 series.

BMW9 Inside

Engine and specifications of 2016 BMW9

BMW has not been vocal on revealing the specs of the luxury car. Also it has not denied the rumors on the specs. If rumors were to be believed, the 9 series will host a similar engine that of 7 series and it would be the familiar 3.0Lt petrol and diesel engines. The engine is also dependent on the variant of the vehicle. The powertrain may also have the 4.4 Lt  V8 turbocharged  unit. There might be also a hybrid engine competing with other hybrid cars.

BMW in the Mountains

Release and Price

The concept of BMW 9 series was presented to the world in the Beijing Auto Show and will be soon taken to roads. The car is said to see the daylight very early, as early as in year 2016. The variants will be introduced later in the year. This luxury car is believed to be the top model of the car maker for the year 2016.

The prices have not been fixed as of today. But it is believed to cost between $100,000 and $140,000. The actually price may differ depending on the exchange rates and the car makers decision.

BMW9 Headlights

BMW9 Dashboard