2016 Dodge Rampage – Family Car with Сharacter

Dodge pickup completely changed the  Americans thinking about this class of cars, combining comfort and super transformation. Meet: 2016 Dodge Rampage- a concept truck, bright premiere of last Chicago Auto Show.

2016 Dodge Rampage Black

Brand Dodge
Model RAM
Generation Ram 1500 (DS/DJ)
Engine 6.7L TD (350 Hp)
Doors 4
Power 350 hp
Fuel tank volume 132 l

If you have been following Dodge’s progressive line of the models from 2006 then you will be aware of the fact that the model we are seeing ten years later has been conceived in 2006. Dodge did little to change what they said they were planning for 2016 and true to their word have stuck to their initial plan like a stamp to an envelope. They wanted a truck that could deliver power, and that, they have managed to do. They wanted trucks that looked modern and have done it so well with the Dodge Rampage which gladly sits on the higher spectrum of better looking trucks soon to hit the markets.  

2016 Dodge Rampage on Highway

New Dodge Rampage Specs

It’s all about Space, Style and Comfort for the Interior

This truck is for those who are looking for options to the traditional vans. If its space you are after, there is plenty inside. If its comfort you seek, the Dodge Rampage does not disappoint seating 5 people comfortably inside. Top to bottom, interior and exterior, from the design to the finish, the grill to the rear of the car, there is nothing not to love about this truck.

The 2016 Dodge Rampage boasts four doors, but these aren’t just your ordinary kind of doors. These doors are specially designed to open in a particular direction, okay, in all truth the rear door is too cool not to mention. The rear door has been specially inserted so that it doesn’t open like typical car doors but slides to give you a smooth entry. The fun doesn’t end with the doors.

2016 Dodge Rampage Backdoor

Dodge Rampage Edgy Exterior

The 2016 Dodge Rampage is a looker. This is one of the best looking trucks pending release. If you are looking for style then you have it in this model. If you are looking for edge, the Dodge Rampage is the vehicle for you.The alloy wheels help raise the level of this car and its sheer size will dwarf almost any car that is next to it. Dodge manufacturers didn’t forget the all-important aspect of easy entry into the car. You won’t struggle to get into and out of this car thanks to the foot placements on the side of the doors. 

2016 Dodge Rampage Inside

What’s Under the Hood?

If we pop the hood we will see an impressive HS Liter V8 HEMI engine especially equipped with a Multi-Displacement System. This V8 engines powers this monster truck delivering stealth and finesse to this model. When speaking in terms of horsepower, with this type of engine we are talking of horsepower around 345 which is a well-rounded figure by almost any standard. The fuel of choice for this model is going to be diesel.

Pricing and Cost

If you are keen to purchase this model when it comes out, you will need to set aside a cool $30, 000 with many experts predicting that the price may go as high as $40, 000. Money well spent if you ask us. The 2016 Dodge Rampage will carry you for the next decade or so. It’s built to last.