2016 Ferrari Turbo Engine

The speed and style of the Ferrari are unmatched in the racing car industry. It is no surprise then that the brand is continually looking at ways to improve and reinvent itself. According to the latest new, the 2016 Ferrari Turbo will be equipped with turbocharged engines. The current models of Ferrari have been achieving good sales, but the brand is already looking into the future and finding new ways to motorize their vehicles. The changes in the range of engines are also in part due to stricter environmental standards.

2016 Ferrari Turbo Red Sports

2016 Ferrari Turbo Design

The transformation to a turbo engine has begun with the introduction of a hybrid system in the latest popular model, the LaFerrari. However, a hybrid system is not enough and the shift to a turbocharged system is expected. This does not mean that the future engines will lack any power at all, but there might be some changes in the loud, race car sound that all the car owners and brand loyalists have grown to love.

2016 Ferrari Turbo Backdoor

One such model which is expected to operate with a turbo engine is the Ferrari 458GTB. This model is expected to carry a lot improvements in overall style including modifications in the bumper and headlights. LED Technology is also expected to be used to make the car more modern. The Harman Cardon multimedia unit will also be a part of the Ferrari California T and Apple Carplay device. Some other changes that are expected are a new front grille, innovative wheels and a renovated body kit. The car will embody luxury wrapped in the package of a sports car.

2016 Ferrari Turbo View from above

Release Date Of The 2016 Ferrari Turbo

The Britain Car Magazine has reported that the new model which is succeeding the current one will be called the 2016 Ferrari M458-T and will be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015. As such, we expect the release date to be announced there but it is not expected that sales will be beginning any time before 2016.

2016 Ferrari Turbo Powerful engine

Engine and Performance

A powerful engine and great performance are the lifeblood of the Ferrari car. Without these, it would have been impossible for the car to survive on the track. The new design carries a breakthrough Turbo Charged Engine for the first time that is expected to greatly improve the performance. The previous engine in the Ferrari car was an atmospheric V-8 engine with 4.5ltr capacity and 570 hp power. The 2016 Ferrari 458 Italia is expected to be run on a twin turbo V8 engine which can produce a massive energy of 680hp. The Ferrari M45-T will also be much speedier than the current one with a capacity to go from 0 to 100km/h in as low as 3.6 seconds.

The main aim of producing this turbo engine is to maintain the quality of performance that Ferrari is so famous for. But, at the same time, to make this stunning automobile more affordable and better for the environment. This car is expected to lower the pollution levels by a large margin through lesser CO2 emissions. It is expected that the Carbon Monoxide emissions which now go up to as much as 307 g/km for the 458 Italia will be largely reduced with the new engine.

2016 Ferrari Turbo Inside