Ford Bronco 2016 – he New SUV Reborn

As Ford has branched out into the rest of the world away from the American market, it has met with several challenges. Most of these challenges simply stem from the fact that many people are not familiar with what Ford has to offer them. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to try and bring some clarity to the situation. We want to begin with the 2016 Ford Bronco model; a car we believe is set to make waves when it is released.

2016 Ford Bronco Metallic Color

Brand Ford
Model Bronco
Generation Bronco V
Engine 5.8 EFl V8
Doors 3
Power 200 hp
Maximum speed 160 km/h
Fuel tank volume 121 l

In the past, different models of this car have done relatively well on the American stage and Ford is hoping to take this success and make it global. The 2016 Ford Bronco has been designed as a counter to the Jeep CJ-5 as well as the International Harvester Scout. These have been Ford’s two major rivals in the SVT department.

The Ford Bronco is not new to the scene. Previous models have been around since the 60s. If you are an off-the-road kind of person then this car is definitely a car you should be keeping a close eye on.  Ford has done well in sticking to the original concept which we must say is a good thing, because a lot of people liked the old look. Thankfully they have upgraded the technology inside the car and given the car a more sophisticated finish.

The three door vehicle was built with strength, toughness and endurance in mind. This car knows how to take a beating: It’s fierce looking and was most definitely built to last!

2016 Ford Bronco Side doors

Ford Bronco Interior

The seats of this car are just insanely massive, but then again that’s want you want when you go off road. You want to be comfortable enough no matter the condition of the road and Ford has got you covered in that area both in the size of the seats and amount of leg room that you have. This car has all the storage room you can possibly want for all your outdoor camping gear or picnic stuff.  The car can fit a family of five comfortably for those long journeys. If you want a realistic look at the space inside then you need to check out the official photos for proof.

2016 Ford Bronco Inside

What Ford Bronco has got under the Hood

Well a new engine was about due and Ford did not disappoint in this area. There are several engine types to choose from. The first engine is the 5.0 Liter V8 Coyote engine. With this bad boy engine expect to be churning out 420 hp. The second option engine is the 4.9L V6 engine. Ford is really spoiling us for choice here. Lastly there is an engine that will give you 330hp which isn’t so bad. All these engines consume diesel so be warned. The fuel economy of the car is expected to be between 18 – 20 mpg.

Price wise the Bronco is expected to rival the Nissan Xterra so the price has been pegged between $24,000 and $31,000 by car experts.

2016 Ford Bronco Under the hood