2016 Ford Mustang Swiftness and Comfort

2016 Ford Mustang continues to display the power and efficiency that has become its trademark. The four models expected in 2015 are 2.3L EcoBoost, 5.0L GT, 3.7L V6, and the most popular Shelby GT350. There is some confusion on whether it will be based in the GT500 or the GT350, but it has recently been announced that the Shelby GT350 will be one of the 2016 models.

Presented at Detroit the car is a sports modification of 6-generation model of the cult car brand. But this sports car has a lot of differences from the base of the Ford Mustang Shelby. This applies to both the appearance and the technical data. The creators have presented it as a universal track car that is equally good on the race track and on ordinary roads.

Brand Ford
Model Mustang
Generation Mustang VI
Engine GT 5.0 Ti-VCT V8 (421 Hp) Automatic
Doors 2
Power 421 hp
Fuel tank volume 61 l
Year of putting into production 2015 year
Coupe type Coupe
Seats 4

Design of the Ford Mustang

One thing that is guaranteed is that the new Ford will definitely be a stunner to look at. Earlier this year, Prime Pace had produced a few renderings of what the car is presumed to look like. The design of the Ford looks unbelievably good if these renderings are true. It is the perfect combination of the contemporary features of the new Mustang and the characteristic uniqueness of the Mach 1.

Some of the features that are guaranteed to be there are the classic mustang three-color emblem, the stripes of Mach 1, and the convertible hood. The modern and aerodynamic design also features the HID headlamps and the LED tri-bar taillamps. Other lauded qualities include dual exhaust pipes and air extractor hood vents which have been combined with turn signals. The wheels of the vehicle you purchase are customizable with over 12 available designs which come in 17-20 inches in size.

2016 Ford Mustang on the Racetrack

2016 Ford Mustang Front View

The Powertrain of the 2016 Ford Mustang

The power of the Ford Mustang lies beneath the scooped hood of the car. The engine is to be a 5.2L V8 for the Shelby GT350. It has a horsepower capacity of 526 produced by the engine with a flat-plane crank. A state-of-the-art TREMEC 3160 manual transmission wit 6-speeds has been attached. This can deliver a torque of the value 429 lb-ft.

A self-adjusting and self-monitoring MagneRide Damping system which has a capacity of working a 1000 times/second gives a high-speed driving experience like no other. New low control arms have been made for the modifications in the coiled springs. All the parts of the car including the dampers, springs and sway bars work harmoniously. Other additions include the new lightweight chassis parts and incredibly light aluminum wheels encased in Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires.

The efficiency of the brakes in this model makes an enormous difference in its efficiency. Both the Brembo calipers have been combined with two-piece, cross-drilled, flawlessly engineered brake rotors.

The parts of the GT350 are undeniably high-performing and an engineering marvel. But the feature that makes the car what it is, is how the different parts, each superior that the other, work together flawlessly. These features add the dynamism to the car and it’s easy transformation as a daily car as well as a sports vehicle. The thrill and excitement portrayed by this vehicle are simply outstanding. The car has all the features that a luxury car needs along with great performance that is characteristic of a sports car.

2016 Ford Mustang Black

Launch date and the cost of Ford Mustang

The launch date of the Ford Mustang has not been released, but it is estimated to be at a date in early 2016. An estimated price is $60,000 although it can easily go over or under.

2016 Ford Mustang on Highway

2016 Ford Mustang Backdoor