2016 Honda Pilot – Release date and Review

The Japanese automobile maker Honda is one of the most talked about company for its products. Be it two wheeler or four wheeler or power equipment it has really lived up to the tag line – the power of dreams , with its unique approach and durability. 2016 Honda Pilot four wheelers are known for their style, comfort and luxury in handling. It has all segments of cars from a hatchback to a SUV crossover.

Brand Honda
Model Pilot
Generation Pilot II
Engine 3.5 4WD (257 Hp) Automatic
Doors 5
Power 257 hp
Maximum speed 180 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 9.9 sec
Fuel tank volume 79.5 l

Honda Pilot is a compact crossover SUV which has 3 row seating was first introduced back in 2002. It was one of the most successful cars of the segment. As the years passed , the segment got crowded with many companies introducing their SUVs. The competition has increased and Honda had to introduce new vehicles with updated technology. The 2016 Honda Pilot was born out of that thought.

2016 Honda Pilot Side doors

Design of 2016 Honda Pilot

The 2016 Pilot carries forward few notable features from its predecessors. The car has marked to be one of the finest machines in the family. The quality of drive and efficiency of the engine have been improved greatly for this car.

The design of the new Honda Pilot 2016, compared with the previous generation car has changed dramatically. The appearance lost its brutality and angular shapes, which were replaced by completely different, more smooth shape.

The 2016 Honda Pilot gets higher specs and raise in the dimensions. The new design of the car helps to create more space for the third row. This lets the passangers have a comfortable seating. The wheelbase of the car has also been increased to accommodate the new design

On the exterior the car looks amazing with sharp looks and smooth curves. The skill force at Honda have proved their precision and style yet again introducing one of the finest looking muscle machine.

Technical specifications

The car houses a 3.5L V-6 engine. This produces a 280hp at 6000 rpm and a 262hp at 4700 rpm. The car is a muscle of its kind. The engine has greater fuel efficiency thanks to the direct-injection mechanism combined with star-stop system.

The gearbox is 6-speed automatic in the standard option but the gearbox maximizes to 9-speed automatic for the top variant. The weight of this beauty is also reduced by 300 pounds on comparison with its predecessor. This makes the car less noisy, less vibrant and less harsh for driving.

The crossover completes the sprint of 0- 60mph in 6.5 seconds which is better than half a dozen crossovers of last year. In looks the pilot looks like younger brother to CR-V. This has a all-wheel drive making it easy to maneuver swiftly and safely.

2016 Honda Pilot at the Presentation

Review 2016 Honda Pilot

Experts reviewed this crossover to be one of the faster SUV till date with ease of handling and distributed power generation. The exteriors look fashionable and seem to be updated with nice looking headlights and tail lamps. The interiors are amazingly spacious with impressive quality of the material used for the seats and dashboards etc.

The drive of 2016 Honda Pilot is also very smooth and swiftly moves through the corners with no hesitation. It also absorbs bumps and potholes very efficiently.

Release and Price

The Honda pilot debuted in the Auto Show at Chicago in February,2015. As promised by the company it has brought the crossover to production in May and it can be available for customers from June.

The price range starts from $29,995 and reaches around $46,240 according to one of the sources. The price may vary depending on your location.

2016 Honda Pilot on Highway

2016 Honda Pilot Dashboard

2016 Honda Pilot Interior