Lincoln MKS 2016 – Modifications and Interior

Lincoln have been in the car game for some time now and after the relative success of their 2015 Lincoln MKS they now want to stamp their authority on the US mark with the 2016 Lincoln MKS. Many are already saying that the 2016 Lincoln MKS is probably one of the better SUV’s to come from the American car manufacturer. The sentiments are shared by Lincoln and as the specifications show this car is definitely worthy of discussion. After an impressive 8 year streak, it appears this is going to be the last Lincoln MKS to be made. The MKS will be replaced by the 2017 Lincoln Continental a car we are also sure is going to be a head turner.

Brand Lincoln
Model MKS
Generation MKS
Engine 3.5 AWD V6 24V (266 Hp)
Doors 4
Power 266 hp
Fuel tank volume 76 l

Lincoln MKS Modifications and Redesign

The official photos of the expected car show indeed that Lincoln has truly developed something phenomenal with this SUV. The major modifications that Lincoln car lovers will have to deal with include the space that has been created inside the cabin. There is now a more up-to-date and sophisticated management panel in place which will help the driver navigate and drive better. The MiLincoln Touch hasn’t been left out and will allow you to enjoy all the music and infotainment that can be had in this car.

This 4 door ultra-attractive car’s smooth exterior has been modernized somewhat. The car features several chrome details and who can forget the signature fascia front that boasts a unique wide grille in that spread eagle style and the stand out headlights. In order to appeal to the broader American consumer, the car manufacturers have gone for a more definitive front design. The car’s body has also been crafted from aluminum as well as several other lightweight materials giving the newer model less weight when compared to the former Lincoln MKS models.

Lastly, the platform that has been adopted by the Lincoln MKS 2016 edition is the Volvo S80. All these modifications are expected to help boost sales for Lincoln in the impending year.

2016 Lincoln MKS Dashboard

Lincoln MKS Interior

Before we even go far with the interior the first thing you will notice about this latest Lincoln model is that the seats are more comfortable, luxurious and can be adjusted in different ways to give passengers a smoother ride. Passengers in the back seat will be able to control their own ventilation thanks in part to the guest ventilation controls. The dashboard is made from high grade wood and a central console.

2016 Lincoln MKS Side doors

What’s Underneath the Hood?

Lincoln has made two options available to their customers. The first car option has a 2.9L EcoBoost 4-Cylinder engine that is called the Nano. You will find this engine in the trim levels on the lower part. Expect around 300 hp from this nano engine. The second car option will see a larger 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine being used which is capable of churning out 365 hp.

2016 Lincoln MKS Inside

Price and Date of Release

While the car is expected to make a show early 2016, nothing definite has been said. The expected price is also meant to be above $41, 320 for the first model and higher for the second model sporting the 3.8 L engine.