2016 Mini Superleggera Vision Concept

Probably the only car that Mini has been known for is the Mini Cooper. But the 2016 Mini Superleggera Vision concept has generated a lot of interest this year which can totally change the face of the companies profile. This car was introduced to rave reviews at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy which has greatly bolstered the courage of the manufacturers. It is considered to be in direct competition to the Mazda MX-5 Miata. This car might just be the one to take the Mini brand out of its design rut once its touring and production starts.

2016 Mini Superleggera Front View

Mini Superleggera Vision Design

The main aim of the British creators was to create a car that can serve as a strong competitor in terms of concept and design to other cars in the market. They have tried to make something similar to the Mini Cooper but yet different. The concept of the Superleggera was introduced in Italy as a mix of the qualities in British and Italian design. After the production and release, this car is expected to climb to the top of the BMW charts with slow and steady progress. This time, BMW has a chosen an Italian design house maybe because it has been working with German houses like Zagato, Bertone, and Pininfarina during the last 10 years.

2016 Mini Superleggera Side doors

2016 Mini Superleggera Inside

The manufacturers have tried to create an original Mini that has potential to attract a brand new league of customers. One of the lead designers, Anders Warming has tried to keep the classic features of a Mini but still tried to give it a complete modern overhaul. Looks wise, it almost resembles the modern and new British Sports cars like Jaguar F-Type. If you look at the car from the front, you will surely be able to make out hints of the classic Mini design with only contemporary touch. You can see some changes with the fog lights in the front. But, the rear of the car is a whole other story. There is a rear body fin which transforms the look and is also very helpful in stabilizing the vehicle at extremely high speeds.

The interior of the car is still quite similar to the new Mini Cooper. There is the typical dashboard with a large centre dial. This also acts as an entertainment and navigation system for a wholesome experience. The seats are improved and much more plush and sporty in look with better back support.

2016 Mini Superleggera Backdoor

Engine of the 2016 Mini Superleggera Vision

The exact specs of the Engine are unconfirmed since this car is expected to release in late 2016 or maybe even a year later. The drive will either be on the front wheels or on all four wheels. 2 or 3 cylinders should be available in the gasoline and diesel engines. An electric version might also be launched. The engine will most probably be a 1.5ltr, three cylinder, unit that is turbocharged. There is also a chance that it might be a bigger 2ltr turbocharged inline. The 1.5ltr is presumed to have a lot more power than the cooper thanks to the modified cooling system and turbocharger. Max power is about 200hp and 200 lb-ft torque is expected. BMW’s transmission of i3 or i8 will probably be used.

2016 Mini Superleggera Headlights


The price of the Mini Superleggera vision price has not been revealed, but it is expected to cost around 25,000-30,000 dollars. The pricing is expected to be similar to that of the Alfa Romeo Spyder. The release date is most probably in the end of 2016 or early 2017 but as of now it is just a concept that might be put into production.

In addition, hybrid all-wheel drive model with capacity of 219 horsepower with gasoline-electric installation similar to BMW i8 is expected. All-wheel drive will be offered for the most powerful roadster modifications.