2016 Toyota Prius – New Facets of Hybridization

A new and improved automobile is what the enthusiasts look for every year. The automobile manufacturers also invest lot of their time and money on re-visiting their models and redesigning new ones. The companies flaunt their new designs in the Auto Shows conducted annually. The year of 2015 has been the host of most advanced technologies in cars. Now it is time to see what the year of 2016 has in its stores.The year of 2015 has been a year of high and low for Toyota. They launched most prestigious models of the company in this year. The year 2016 is all set to embrace 2016 Toyota Prius.

Brand Toyota
Model Prius
Generation Prius+
Engine 1.8 HSD (99 Hp) e-CVT
Doors 5
Power 99 hp
Maximum speed 165 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 11.3 sec
Fuel tank volume 45 l

2016 Toyota Prius Inside

Toyota Prius Specification

The Toyota Prius is built on a new stable platform. The company calls this as Toyota New Global Architecture(TNGA). This provides the car a lowered center of gravity giving more stability.

The car is powered with a 1.8L hybrid engine delivering a power of 99hp. The fuel tank has a capacity of 45 L. The top speed recorded is 165 kmph and the time taken to reach this is 11.3 sec. The figures above prove that Toyota has put lot of efforts making 2016 Prius to be a special one for the company.

According to the reports, the company is on its way to launch the new system  of charging the Toyota`s plug-in hybrids.

2016 Toyota Prius Side doors

Toyota Prius Review

The new Prius is the fourth of its era with an increased efficiency and trendy looks. The automotive is known for its fast forward vision. The new 2016 Toyota Prius comes loaded with fantastic features. The features do only benefit and increase the demand for the car.

The car marks the new variant of the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive. This system has been developed on the platform of the existing hybrid system drivetrain.

The perfectly designed aerodynamics add to the handling of the car. The car reacts sharper and is one of the convenient vehicles in its line of manufacture. This hybrid vehicles promises to be environment friendly as the CO2 level emissions have been lowered significantly. The vehicle also hoses environmental friendly battery.

The 2016 Prius uses lighter material which makes the car fuel efficient over its predecessors. This car has the traits of the company`s bestselling car Corolla making it an eye grabbing machine. The new Prius has plush interiors, better steering comfort and preset luxury features.

2016 Toyota Prius View from above

Release date and Price

The 2016 Toyota Prius has one of the best designs ever released by the company. The official photos reveal what an amazing machine this is.

The release date of this magnificent product has not been declared officially by the company but according to experts the release should be between late 2015 and early 2016. As the period of the release nears the excitement of the customer reaches new heights.

Trusted sources also reveal that the company may introduce a new all-wheel drive variant. This will increase the appeal for the car to a greater level.

The Prius Two is priced at $ 25,035 and other variants are priced up to $30,835. If the rumors are to be believed about introduction of all-wheel drive then the price may also increase to extent. Well, whatever model it is , be prepared to spend money on this fantastic product.

2016 Toyota Prius Powerful engine