2016 Toyota Supra FT-1 Will Soon Come into Lineup

If you can’t beat them join them right? Well in this case we are joining the 2016 Toyota Supra FT-1 fans because when something is just too good, you can’t afford to not appreciate. Give credit where it’s due and in this case, to Toyota for coming up once again with such an awesome sports car.

Brand Toyota
Model Supra FT-1
Generation Supra FT-1
Engine 3.0 i 24V Turbo (280 Hp)
Doors 3
Power 280 hp
Maximum speed 256 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 5.1 sec
Fuel tank volume 70 l

The Supra FT-1’s concept was unveiled not too long and has been giving rival car manufacturers a headache. This car is set on being the next big thing such that details and specs have been kept under lock and key by Toyota.

Sports car design was developed by Calty Design Research in Newport Beach, California, USA. The concept with a body of graphite gray and light brown interior was first introduced at the auto show Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival, held in early August 2014 in Monterey.

2016 Toyota Supra FT-1 View from above

What to Expect in the 2016 Toyota Supra FT-1

Toyota Supra has come back with a bang after having disappeared from the automobile scene for several years now. Nissan has to watch out now because now there is competition in their sports car range. You should expect an affordable, yet sophisticated and stylish automobile from Toyota. Since stopping the Supra almost ten years ago, there have been many car designs and plans discussed over the years by Toyota, however Toyota have now let the cat out of the bag about the Supra FT-1’s concept.

2016 Toyota Supra FT-1 at the Presentation

The Supra’s Exterior

Headlights as well as tail lights are expected to have LEDs. The front bumper for the Supra is modeled after a Formula 1 splitter. Definitely this automobile was born to be a sports car! It has been said by car experts that the car bears a resemblance to the Lexus LFA and at the price tag that it will be sold for it will need to have a huge competitive advantage. Speaking of price, the base model prices is around USD$60, 000.

2016 Toyota Supra FT-1 in the Mountains

The Supra’s Interior

The inside is leather land! Everything is almost made out of leather from the seats right through to the steering wheel cover. What sports car would be incomplete without all the gizmos that make it high end? You will have satellite navigation that comes linked to the internet. There is also an impressive audio system in 2016 toyota supra that is supposedly going to be provided by JBL and last but not least, there is a climate control system.

2016 Toyota Supra FT-1 Front View

The FT-1 Engine

The original Supra has a 3.0 Liter twin turbo engine and that was awesome in its time, but for 2016, the Toyota Supra will need a revved up engine to keep up with competition. Well, this is what we have heard from Toyota so far. The modifications are as follows. The car is set to have a double-clutch semi-automatic gearbox in the posterior so that the car is able to maintain a stable balance. The engine will of course be in the front end of the car.

Working with BMW, Toyota will use their turbocharged inline 4 that will be aided by a petit electric unit. The horsepower coming from this powertrain is estimated at between 380 and 410 hp with an impressive 420 lb-ft of torque.