2016 Toyota Yaris Concept and Engine

The 2016 Toyota Yaris is the typical small getaway car if you are into small hatchbacks. In the U.S., it is Toyota’s cheapest car sold for a base starting fee of US$14, 895. The higher models of the car cost in excess of $17,000. Toyota hasn’t been having a walk in the park when it comes to their Yaris line however. They have faced very stiff competition in this end of the market from competitors such as Corolla and Camry whose sedans fare better on the low price end of preferred car buys.

2016 Toyota Yaris in the City

Brand Toyota
Model Yaris
Generation Yaris (P3)
Engine 1.5 HSD (75 Hp + 61 Hp) Hybrid
Doors 5
Power 100 hp
Maximum speed 165 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 11.8 sec
Fuel tank volume 36 l

Concept and Design of 2016 Toyota Yaris

Toyota’s Yaris design has been in operation for almost five years now and in this latest model consumers can choose from one of their three models: a three, four or five door car. In 2014, Toyota improved on the car’s hood by working in a better sculpting model. They even had some work done on the swoop line where the Toyota emblem is. The grille was increased in size and black texturing was added to it. The final design provides a clean look to the overall hatchback concept.

The car is very practical as it provides adequate storage space. There is a 6.1 inch navigation panel located on the dashboard that boasts Toyota’s Entune infotainment system. Air con is enabled in the car as well as cruise management and Wi-Fi. Mirrors are auto folding. The interior is crafted from sport material combined with leather trim to give the 2016 Yaris a sportier look than its predecessors. Official photos show that the hatchback’s 16 inch wheels made of alloy complete the exterior look of the car.

2016 Toyota Yaris Inside

2016 Toyota Yaris Engine.

The engine is located in the front end of the vehicle. The control dash is pretty straightforward and the navigation system isn’t difficult to learn. The Yaris’s seats are designed to provide good support as well as comfort. The back seats however might pose a bit of a challenge to taller passengers as they are smaller when compared to other car models. The 2016 model is quieter as Toyota has improved significantly on the sound insulation for this model. At low engine speeds the car is almost inaudible, so in a quiet city mode it’s a pleasure to drive Yaris.

2016 Toyota Yaris Headlights

What’s Underneath the Hood?

The car is earmarked as a low price end car and that means that you will be getting an engine that goes with the price tag. With that said, when you pop the hood of this Yaris, you will find one of four engines. The first option is a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine that is capable of churning out 106 horsepower and torque which is likely to stand at 205Nm. The second engine option is a 1.33 Liter petrol engine that has 99hp and 125Nm worth of torque. The third engine option is the 1.0 Liter engine, this is the base engine that has a relatively low horsepower of 69 and a torque of only 95Nm at best. The last engine is a hybrid that is set on combining a 1.5l gasoline engine with an electrical motor to churn out horsepower of 100 hp.  The Yaris comes with a 5 speed manual so you should be capable of intercity drives quite comfortably. Long distances might prove a bit of a challenge but to get around within the city should be just fine.

2016 Toyota Yaris Side doors

2016 Toyota Yaris Dashboard