2016 Venom F5 Crazy Power and Speed

Here comes the car, that made Guinness record for its high speed on February 2014 beating the record of mighty Bugatti Veyron. It’s new 2016 Venom F5. This car designed and produced to blow like a tornado on roads with high speed.

Hennessey Venom F5 on, another attempt to make the fastest car in the world is finally able to succeed. Venom GT F5 is named after the most powerful and destructive class of tornados which reach speeds of 261-318 miles per hour.

The velocity of this car 2016 Venom F5 is 270 mph. This car in its exterior, definitely glamorous as race car.

Model: Venom GT
price: $ 1500000
Engine: V8
Top Speed: 290 mph
Displacement: 7.0 L
0-60 time: 2.5 sec

The victor of F1 Race can commute home utilizing the same car subsequent to winning a container! It has informally developed to wind up the fastest assembling automotive that may lawfully drive on open streets. The American firm has presented a brand new mannequin, 2016 Venom F5, which should surpass the aftereffects of 300 km/h and, finally, formalize the title of speediest.

2016 Venom F5 on the Racetrack

Venom F5 Reviews

In spite of the fact that the Venom GT outflanked its opponent beating Bugatti Veyron Tremendous Sport, which is 2010 to Volkswagen watch near Wolfsburg recorded a rating of 431.072 kph, the report in any case has not got official attestation.

The F5 has accomplished a record speed driving in a solitary way, and that the outcome developed to end up invalid Guinness world report, it was fundamental to rehash the automotive driving on the indistinguishable part, however in the wrong route, after which processes the regular prime speed of every run.

And additionally, the Venom F5 doesn’t satisfy the second standard. It has the assortment of duplicates created. To guarantee that a mannequin is formally used for the fast automobile’s t fabricating here must be at the very least 30 models though Hennessey created 29 duplicates.

2016 Venom F5 Side doors

Venom F5 Designs and Specs

The outside and the Interior design and specs of this Venom GT demonstrate greatly underpins the velocity. Lightweight and strong materials were utilized to make this car bolster the fast. To make them work, the predominant 7.0-liter, V8 twin-turbo motor that drives the mannequin Venom GT may be changed to give more than 1400 hp. As in examination with Venom GT, F5 and could have enhanced optimal design motor, while the mass of the automotive must be around 1,300 kg.

This massive power of the engine and supportive exterior materials makes this 2016 Venom F5 run super fast.

Not only the materials, Design of the car with the following specs like Car-Bonnet having low drag space, The Ventures below the body, and Diffuser below the rear bumper supports firm grip and also produce force. The height of the car is also low supporting the speed and grip.

The interior of the car is sporty too, yet it has comfortable cozy seats. Power steering and gears are supportive and sporty. The clutch can be modified based on a customer’s convenience, it may be Manual or Electro hydraulic multi-plate Clutch.

2016 Venom F5 Grey

Launch Date

The 29 of these dare-devils are ready to hit the roads. The 30th car is yet to get ready. This car is said to be launched in the middle of 2016.

2016 Venom F5 Inside


This record-breaking car is limited to only 30 pieces. Most privileged customers are waiting to own this car and the value of this brand automobile will quantity to $ 1.2 million earlier than taxes.