2017 BMW X3 – New Generation of Crossover

BMW is the leading manufacturer of luxurious sporty looking cars and SUVs in the industry. The greatness of the company is undoubtedly is in the workmanship of engineers at the company. 2017 BMW X3 is known for its peculiar design and dynamics in driving. The versatility, luxury and efficiency of BMW cars speak for the company.

Brand BMW
Model X3
Generation X3 (F25 LCI)
Engine 35i (306 Hp) xDrive Automatic
Doors 5
Power 306 hp
Maximum speed 245 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 5.6 sec
Fuel tank volume 67 l

Speaking of design and muscle the BMW X3 is the perfect synonym for both. The car has received its share of updates in terms of engine and styling for the year 2015. But the next model 2017 BMW X3 is said to have full revisit of design and power.

BMW X3 Modifications

The 2015 BMW X3 housed the new four cylinder diesel with subtle changes in the styling. The 2017 BMW X3 is expected to have completely modified engine with increased power output giving it the muscle it looks to have.

The new X3 is also supposed to host the new modular design to improve the interior space and looks of the machine. The comfort of the passenger is given the highest priority. With the new design of interior the company expects to give its customer the most needed luxury and comfort

2017 BMW X3 Front

Concept and Specs of 2017 BMW X3

BMW is known for its amazing concepts and use of technology. The new X3 would be built on a new platform which would the basis for the upcoming series of cars. The car is also a plug-in hybrid not leaving out the eco lovers.

The concept could have 2.0lt petrol engine with the 245 hp and and electrical motor with ninety five hp. The hybrid design gives the car 300hp and 700 Nm of torque.  The electric motor will have the capability of powering the X3 for about 30 minutes. This adds to the saving of fuel and energy.

The projected maximum speed of the crossover is around 245kmph. And it is said to cruise from 0 to 100kmph in just under 6 seconds and is roughly about 5.6 seconds.

From a design perspective, the 2017 BMW X3 would be more like an evolution of 2015 X3. The car is rumoured to borrow the tall and sharp headlights and the trademark grille from X5 and X6. The ground clearance and other factors might be identical. But most of the changes are under the hood.

2017 BMW X3 Side doors

Release and Price of BMW X3

The current model of BMW X3 has been the most updated crossovers from the company. BMW now is targeting all audience with their new approach of technology and design. The new design X3 dubbed as 2017 BMW X3 is set to make a public appearance in one of the upcoming major auto shows next year.

There is information that the third generation will receive major changes in its interiors. Update touches, as finishing materials, as well as additional auxiliary functions to the driver. It is likely that the new X3 will get adaptive headlights, as well as special semiautomatic driving means such as traffic assistant.

The redesigned BMW might hit the showrooms and go on for sales in later next year, several months after its debut. The price tag of this marvel has not yet been declared or estimated. But the larger sun-roof , big brakes and larger tyres hint the cost to be high and it is going to be heavier to the pockets of enthusiasts.

2017 BMW X3 in the Mountains

2017 BMW X3 Headlights

2017 BMW X3 Backdoor

BMW X3 Interior