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hi!Future Cars is a project dedicated to monitoring automotive market and all changes and news related to new and oncoming cars, their technology and design.

We strive to constantly update our contents and offer our readers best and most recent car reviews, made by people who are passionate about vehicles.

Car is more than just a means of transportation or a luxury piece for us, it is crucial element of modern lifestyle, connecting people in real world with opportunities for job, business, entertainment and social life. It is also a piece of advanced technology and applied design that billions of people use. There are many different aspects of a car like interior design and all technical subsystems that contribute to drivers experience. There is definitely a need for an expert to explore all the details of a vehicle, but anyone can intuitively appreciate a beautiful, well-made car.

Future Cars is committed to admitting only relevant and valid reviews of high quality, so that it can be used by prospective car buyers, car owners and simply people who are curious. From Model T to Tesla, automotive industry has come a long way, and innovation continues, as different manufacturers attempt to dominate the market. We provide you with comprehensive and unbiased overview of what car producers has to offer, including vehicle assumed release date, technical characteristics and vehicle’s purpose and a story behind it. We hope that you, as a visitor, will enjoy our work and perhaps, benefit from it.