Land Rover Discovery Sport- a Worthy Successor

As per the company claims, the latest Land Rover Discovery Sport has been tested and grilled for over a year and a half on diverse terrains in 20 different companies. Review Land Rover Discovery Sport, a vehicle with such pedigree and lineage needs to be subjected to the harshest of the tests and it definitely has come away with, as they say, flying colors.

Land Rover Discovery Sport in the Mountains

Brand Land Rover
Model Discovery
Generation Discovery III
Engine 4.4 i V8 32V (295 Hp)
Doors 5
Power 295 hp
Maximum speed 195 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 8.6 sec
Fuel tank volume 86 l

The Exteriors – Review Land Rover Discovery Sport

The design is essentially based on the Land Rover Evoque with the sole aim to add the aesthetics of the looks and marry the same with interior space. The look is that of an impeccably dressed gentleman, dapper and all. As an option and looking really sophisticated, the discerning buyers can optimize their vehicles with 19 or 20 inch wheels with gloss black finishing touches. Other optional accessories which are required for an able off roader including side tubes, stainless steel front and rear under shields, roof rails, cross bars and load space liner tray are all available. With a length of 4599 cm, it is about 10 cm longer than the previous discovery.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Side doors

The Engine

The Discovery sport inherits the same mill that was installed in the Land Rover Evoque. It is the reliable 2.0 liter eD4 Diesel engine which is turbocharged and linked to its ground spinners through 9 speed automatic transmission. The engine puts out a descent 240 HP. Other configurations as far as the engine is concerned are available like the 2.2 Liter diesel and a 2.0 liter Si4 petrol engine. Review Land Rover Discovery Sport to realize the drive, however, is a bit of a letdown. The turbo lag is a bit too evident to miss and takes a rather longish interval to take a grip on the engine to gun it forward. The upshifting of the automatic transmission is also perceptibly lethargic especially in the higher gears. Its competitors namely the Audi Q5, The BMW X3 and the X5 have much better performances numerically wherein they cross the 100 KMPH in less than 7 seconds whereas the discovery sport does so in about 7.3 seconds. The top speed limit is about 278 KMPH for diesel and about 318 KMPH for the petrol version.

Land Rover Discovery Sport at the Presentation

Where the Discovery sport really excels is the Ride for which it may be a hot selling item in the future. Its unibody structure is as solid as a rock and offers no rickety noises, chatter or uncomfortable quivers even on the roughest, toughest, and tortuous terrain. When you review Land Rover Discovery Sport on the road, the ride is silky smooth and extremely quiet.

Engineers have optimized the shape of the front anglets  of the body, the side mirrors and other details that may cling to the incoming air flow. This led to the coefficient of Cd 0.36 , significantly reducing fuel consumption and the level of “windy” noise. In addition, the silence in the cabin is provided by acoustic laminated windshield and special coating of internal cavities.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Backdoor

The Interiors

Land Rover Discovery Sport Inside

The interiors carry the standard accouterments with optional 360 degree camera for the 5 seater model only. The infotainment cum navigation system though has a bright and crisp 8 inch display, yet it often gets quirkily unresponsive perhaps due to some software bug. The material used over the dashboard is robust and the control placement has been done in a simple and uncluttered manner. The rear seats can be moved so as to provide humongous space.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport priced at about $38,000 does give an excellent value for money as far as the ride and off-roading is concerned. It definitely could do with a better engine responsiveness.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior