Lexus RC- Dynamic Temper and Multi-faceted Appearance

Sharing its framework with IS sedan, the Lexus RC has bought some wild, sexy appeal to its body. With 467 bhp to its claim, it still falls just short of exceptional. Still, it is set to give some thrills and frills to its riders and it sure is far away from being boring.

The world of two door coupe is a German domain with very few rivals of its class to pose a challenge. This left a void in choices to the enthusiasts of two door coupe. Lexus sensing an opportunity in this section, proclaimed the launch of its rear wheel drive, high performance two door RCF coupes. Well, surely a dose of fresh air! So, will it make a mark in the market? Let us have a look at its paraphernalia.

Lexus RC F Hood

Brand Lexus
Model RC
Generation RC F
Engine 5.0 (477 Hp) Automatic
Doors 2
Power 477 hp
Maximum speed 270 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 4.5 sec
Fuel tank volume 66 l

The Skeleton – Review Lexus RC F

It is virtually a behemoth of not one or two, but three cars. The team at Lexus did away with designing a coupe from its sedan and literally lifted the front, middle, and rear from its GS sedan, IS C convertible and IS sedan and glued them together with some hilly and frilly tech. And ta-da! It works well. Review Lexus RC to observe that it has its own sporty and stand outlook. The dimensions stand at:

Lexus RC F Backdoor

  • Length at 185.2 inch
  • Height at 54.7 inch
  • Width at 72.6 inch
  • Wheel base of 107.5 inch

The car is weighed at approx. 1836 kg. Oh my!! It is heavy.

Lexus RC F Dashboard

Can I take a peek inside?

It is cosy and yet sporty with the mix and match of leather, plastic, carbon fibre, and chrome in the black shades with reddish orange seats. The front seats are comfortable and courteously fit around you. The back is somewhat camped for a full size adult. The central console is high tech and is designed delightfully and has an orthodox feel to it. The gadgetry includes a 7 inch LCD display with Bluetooth, voice controls, navigation system, radio connectivity, 10 speaker sound surround, etc. The prime LCD is flanked on the left with another screen and on the right with the analog speedometer.

Lexus RC F Sky Blue

Lexus RC F White

Go premium and you get additional goodies in the form of A/C seats, driver assists features like blind spot monitor, rear traffic alert, rain-sensing windshield wipers, auto-dimming side mirrors, power and telescopic steering, and many more.

Lexus RC F Inside

Lexus RC Side doors

There are various modes from normal to Eco, sport to sport + and a snow option too.

The Performance

When you review Lexus RC, you see that it is fitted with a 3.5-litre VTEC 6 that throws a power output of 306 hp and gives a turning power of 277 pounds of feet. This is mated with an eight speed automatic for the rear wheel drive and 6 speed gear box for the AWD. It sprints from 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds.

Review Lexus RC F to know that it is a hot version of RC. This is a front engine rear wheel drive fitted with a 32 valve, 5.0-litre V8. Mated to an eight speed automatic with option of manual shifting, it has displacement of 303 cu/in. The spurt of power is at 467 bhp with a torque of 389 pound feet. The sprint of 0 to 60 mph is claimed at 4.4 seconds.

Lexus RC back

It all may sound good for the day to day drive but the car is not sensational enough for the tracks. It has numbers which are not very exclusive and there are rivals which beat it at the numbers.

Review Lexus RC closely to observe that as per some of the customers the engine is underperforming with an itchy transmission. The Lexus EnForm app needs some work done and the infotainment system shuts down and reboots many times while driving. For sure, there are some features in Lexus RC that requires some fine tuning and adjustments.

Lexus RC Sports

Lexus RC Leather interior

Lexus RC at the Presentation