Review Acura NSX II – The Super Hybrid Supercar

Year 1990 saw the arrival of original Acura NSX which was mentored by none other than Brazilian Racer Ayrton Senna. It soon became number one car in mid-engine supercar section. The Honda makers, however, failed to update this car and soon it was an ageing history and finally Honda announced its demise in 2005. The world waited with bated breath for a new apparition but Honda sat on its haunches and made the world wait. The NSX aficionado saw the first glimpse of this new gen Acura NSX in 2012 in the Detroit Auto Show. And finally 2016 is going to roll out the sales version of this new striking ACURA NSX. Review Acura NSX II to know further.

Acura NSX II at the Presentation

Brand Acura
Model NSX II
Generation NSX (2015-2016)
Engine DOHC V6 twin-turbo
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 3.1 sec

It’s all about the look,  baby!

One look at it and you go aww! The exoteric look is a complete package of a sports car with the whole body being a mix of aluminium with steel and carbon fibre. The mix material has lightened up the car, thus improving its performance. The front is the characteristic dipped beak of a sports car with massive grills adorning the nose. A chrome grill atop the grill is flanked on the sides by thin LED panels. On the sides of the bumper there are two enlarged air intakes which have excellent radiator cooling capacity. Review Acura NSX II closely and you are soon thrown to the judgement that it for sure looks awesome!

Acura NSX II Metallic Color

What’s the speed honey?

The world of supercars in today’s era is all about the turbo charge and supercharge, but Acura NSX goes a mile beyond that. The new twin turbocharge 750 V6 is supplemented with three electric motors to boost up the power train. The V6 is paired to a nine speed dual clutch transmission. The rear wheels are powered by the mid-ship V6 with the nine speed transmission. A pack of lithium battery is mounted in the middle. Out of the three electric motors one is placed between the V6 and the gearbox and other two are mounted on one front wheel each.

Acura NSX II Side doors

Acura NSX II, the supercar is expected to provide a power show of upward of 550 hp and an estimated torque of 450 lb-ft. It is expected to sprint from 0-60mph in mere 3.5 seconds or less.

The angling of the cylinder pack to 75 degree ensures smoothness and superb handling with responsive character, offering absolutely zero hesitation on acceleration.

Let’s look inside, shall we?

Acura NSX II Grey

A blend of expensive Alcantara and leather, aluminium, and some carbon fibre fittings gives the interior that upmarket feel which tells you your money is well spent. The innards are awash in the hues of black and red with black being dominant. The steering has a classic feel of a sports car with its flat front and top. Behind the wheel is a high tech TFT panel which is as modern as it gets with some mind zooming options and features available.

How much will I have to pay, dear?

Still not sure, but it is expected to be priced anywhere near $ 150,000!

Acura NSX II Red

Review Acura NSX II and you realize it has actually made its fans wait a long time. They are anxious to get their hands on it. Well, as per its concept and figures, it sure is in the race to delight them with its superhero supercar feel!

Acura NSX II Front

Acura NSX II Interior