Review Mercedes AMG-GT: A Masterpiece from a Legendary Brand

Training its sights firmly on its arch rival Porsche, the German car giant has brought out a real winner from its stables -The Mercedes AMG-GT which aims at taking the Porsche 911 head on and evens more. Review Mercedes AMG-GT for more information on this beautiful package. With a uniquely sporty style which is a reminder of the Mercedes sports model of the yore, the engineers at Daimler have done a great job of bringing out a masterpiece.

Mercedes-AMG GT Interior

Brand Mercedes-Benz
Model AMG GT
Generation AMG GT (C190)
Engine AMG GT (462 Hp) DCT
Doors 2
Power 462 hp
Maximum speed 304 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 4.0 sec
Fuel tank volume 65 l

The External Look – Review Mercedes AMG-GT

With the famous three point star on its front and that too in a visually amplified version the look that the AMG GT emanates, it is that of a racing automobile just revving to go. The AMG GT is the second sports model from the performance division of Mercedes, the first being the SMS Gullwing. It is smaller and lither looking than its cousin and performs even better than the Gullwing. The company describes it as “a contemporary sports car which embodies the spirit of glorious Mercedes sports cars of the past”. Review Mercedes AMG-GT to realize that the engineers at Daimler and the patented Mercedes design language have brought out a vehicle with some beautiful and delicate looking lines and surfaces, giving it a svelte look. The front end gives a long nosed appearance while the roof is a gently sloping one which merges into the rear, giving it a somewhat Jaguar F type appearance. The rear end is squat and muscular looking while the air vents at the side of the bonnet give it a shark like look.

Interior of the Body.

The sporty exteriors lead to interiors that equally match the looks and performance. The concave doors and the low slung deep seats cocoon the driver and the passenger. Despite the lowness of the seat and a huge “nose”, there is adequate viewing area and distance awareness for the driver. The A pillar seems a little chunky and may obstruct vision on certain angles and turns. The cabin is comfortable and replete with more than enough creature comforts and goodies. The center console is humungous and divides the cabin into two halves with a multitude of buttons and knobs controlling numerous functions. It is no less than a virtual cockpit.

And then there is the command control wheel at the very place where the usual gear lever exists, which in the case of the GT is located slightly posteriorly. The dashboard has the Infotainment screen controlled by touch and the Command control wheel.

Mercedes AMG-GT Dashboard

Engine Specifications

It would not be fair if the specs of the drive train are not mentioned. A new 4.0 liter V8 twin turbo engine powers the vehicle generating 503 HP of power. The numbers thus generated are equally fascinating if not breathtaking. 100 km/hr from a standstill comes in a mere 3.7 seconds and the climb in the acceleration even after that is very linear right up to the maximum speed of 310 km/hr. Some aficionados who have driven the GT on the famous Mazda raceway Laguna Seca have claimed to have clocked a mere 1.41 mins to complete the circuit.

Some units moved to the AMG GT inherited from the SLS, and electromechanical steering with the amplifier, for example, is a completely new and promises unsurpassed acute handling. Four levels of motor settings, steering and suspension – from a relaxing cruise to the mad track are available for the driver.

Understandably priced at a whopping $ 130,825, the AMG GT is for the enthusiasts and for those with colossal pockets.