Review Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe: Mixing Classes and Styles

For years BMW ruled the roost of the four door coupe segment and there was almost no competition from any other car maker. But all this has changed with the launch of the Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe. Review Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, originally a Mercedes M Class vehicle which has now donned the garb of 4 door coupe, the GLE Coupe as the name goes, is surely a head turner.

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe Backdoor

Brand Mercedes-Benz
Model GLE
Generation GLE coupe (C292)
Engine GLE 350d (258 Hp) 4MATIC G-TRONIC
Doors 5
Power 258 hp
Maximum speed 226 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 7.0 sec
Fuel tank volume 93 l

Exteriors and Styling – Review Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe

The styling of the new GLE Coupe is distinctly front end dominant, having a chunky looking grille with its air dams giving an appearance of having been stretched back. The headlights are also slightly slanting and curved with daytime LED lights coming as a standard feature. The vehicle has large wheel arches and would be available in 20 or 21 alloy wheels. As per the company, the rear wheels would be larger than the front ones. This styling is not unique to this coupe but would adorn the entire GLE range. Review Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe for its roof, which despite having fast styling, provides enough head space for five people to sit comfortably.

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe Hood


Interiors are typical Mercedes fitments you find in the S and the E class. There is generous wooden grain finishing and plush leather upholstery. The infotainment is taken care of by the bright and refreshingly responsive LED screen. The Command control button placed between the front seats controls a myriad of functions of the infotainment in addition to the ubiquitous touch commands on the LED screen. Review Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and observe that the Infotainment system patches on easily to iPhone and Android phone through Bluetooth, thus allowing receiving and making calls on the go. It can read out emails and text messages received on the phone.

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe Side doors

Engine and Performance

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe Inside

The GLE Coupe comes in various flavors. The baseline model is the GLE 350 housing V6 engine and producing 302 HP. The next is the GLE 400, again with a V6 engine but this one is turbocharged, thus bringing out 329 HP. Thereafter we move on to the realm of “Mercedes AMG” which boasts of the GLE 63 and GLE 63S models. The former has a V8 throbbing in its innards and producing 550 HPs while the later has a turbocharged V8 churning out 577 HPs. The AMG models have a seven speed “multi-clutch” transmission which gives the crisp drive of a manual transmission but all the comfort and smoothness of an automatic. The non AMG models too have a seven speed automatic transmission.

Review Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and then there is the 2.0 liter diesel engine option which produces 202 HPs and a hybrid engine powered  GLE 550e which is actually a V6 petrol mated to an electric motor and producing 436 HPs.

On the number crunching front the V6 powered GLEs make acceleration from 0 to 100 kph in 7.5 seconds while the AMG models achieve the same in a mere 4.2 seconds thanks largely to the more powerful V8s.


The competition in this shootout of the 4 door coupe is between the BMW X6 and the GLE Coupe and the choice is definitely not easy to make.

In the Mercedes-Benz company they insist that the GLE is coupe- like crossover. The statement is controversial, however, to argue with it makes no sense. In any case, the German designers managed to create a spectacular car, even if it bears a strong resemblance to the competitor – BMW X6.

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe at the Presentation