Review Mercedes Maybach S-Class: Luxurious Car for Privileged People

After languishing unchanged in the market with the same old modal dating back to the year 2002, Maybach has finally made a comeback in the market with its new swanky avatar. Soused in sassy attitude, the review Mercedes Maybach S-Class reveals that it has transcended Audi A8 and even the BMW 7 series in terms of sales and popularity. The company played wise this time, as it ditched the hulky old look of Maybach 57 and 62 which were built on W140 S-class base and sworn in the lithe chassis in place of the old bulky carcass. Cutting down on the size, this opulent limo is now even more economic as compared to the previous model and in fact the prices have been sloshed down to half this time.

Interior, Comfort and Style: Review Mercedes Maybach S-Class

Mercedes Maybach S Class Comfortable seats

Test model 2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Trim level S600 Maybach
Price range $188,414 – $264,015

This car has insanely high standard of comfort and pampering. Although it is akin to other sedan class luxurious vehicle, review Mercedes Maybach S-Class indicates that it is even more lavish in feel and design as there is an added 7.9 inch of extra wheel base with comfort level, surpassing all previously set records of sibling models. The plush ambience inside this sedan is enthralling for the passengers, and the hyper-luxurious interiors featuring recliner seats and foot rest only add delight to the swanky. With leather recliners to foot massage equipment fitted in the car, it seems to be an in-car spa. The luxury savvy customers do find a solution to all their desires here. With foldable mini aluminum food trays and a small refrigerator packed in as well, this limo can be your on-the-go restaurant as well. The makers specially boast about this car being the most silent.  What’s more? To cover up the silence, there is a glaring Burmester sound system or even better 3D-surround sound system to turn you into party mood.

The rear passenger seats are arranged behind door openings, creating a sense of privacy and comfort. When looking at the Review Mercedes Maybach S-Class it gives the impression that the interior is cast of the metal. Achieving this effect was possible due to the successful combination of luxury materials (wood, nappa leather with embossed emblems of the Maybach), as well as the colors and unique elements, such as analog clock IWC on the dashboard.

Maybach S-Class Interior

Tech Specifications

Mercedes Maybach S-Class front

With a familiar 6.0 liter capacity twin turbo V-12 and a 36- valve engine rated with a mammoth 523 horsepower, it accelerates with great alacrity exhibiting an instant pickup of 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds. Review Mercedes Maybach S-Class to observe that the drive is seemingly whimsical for the passengers with the 612 lb-ft torque provided by this car. Some other tech features of this car are:

Mercedes Maybach S-Class Metallic Color

  • Twin turbocharged engine
  • Intercooled SOHC valve
  • 523 horsepower at 5300 rpm
  • Automatic transmission system with 7 speed control
  • 5400 lb curb weight
  • 12/20 mpg fuel economy
  • Individual media screens for rear seats

The only setback point is the lack of proper rear seat entertainment as it is bit fiddly and slow. But with all those positive sides elaborated above, this car is all set to win hearts of many luxury enthusiasts.

Mercedes Maybach S-Class at the Presentation