Review Mini John Cooper Works III: A Pocket Rocket Indeed

Quite a show stopper at the Detroit motor show in January 2015, the Mini John Cooper has been launched in its latest itineration in the United Kingdom in the month of April 2015. Review Mini John Cooper Works III to conclude that with a spruced up hummer underneath the hood, it surely is one good looking pocket dynamo.

Mini John Cooper Works III Comfortable

Brand Mini
Model John Cooper Works
Generation John Cooper Works Hatch (F56)
Engine 2.0 (231 Hp)
Doors 3
Power 231 hp
Maximum speed 246 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 6.3 sec
Fuel tank volume 44 l

The Exteriors – Review Mini John Cooper Works III

The styling and looks are anything but “traditional”. “Eccentric”, “idiosyncratic”, “quirky”, etc., may just a few of the adjectives one can attach to the façade but nothing nearly fits the bill. The one word that can describe it all may be peerless or something like that. The front comes with rather familiar jumble of grilles and the distinctive headlights. Add to it some really radical color schemes such as “rebel green” with black hood stripes and a bright crimson roof. Well, the look, as they say, is complete!

Mini John Cooper Works III at the Presentation

The Power Train

Underneath the brightly colored hood here is a pot which has a 2.0 liter capacity and when on full boil it is touted to spit out 189 Horse Power. The turbo charged 4 cylinder engine definitely makes it possible to churn out such power. The real fun starts when you mate such a powerful ticker with a rather small and light chassis. The little car rockets to 100 KMPH in a mere 6.2 seconds and tops out at a maximum speed of 228 KMPH. The Mini comes with options of having a six speed manual or a six speed automatic transmission. Review Mini John Cooper Works III to realize that one can’t be blamed if the real feel is that like driving a vehicle with a much higher engine displacement. The handling is another area where the new Mini scores massive points. It is light and extremely nimble and one would rather prefer to drive it on a race track than to the office and back. But then you don’t do a go carting course every day! With all this power, the Mini virtually floats on 17 inch alloy wheels, though 18 inchers are definitely an option.

Mini John Cooper Works III door

Mini John Cooper Works III View from above

Mini John Cooper Works III Sports

The Interiors

The seats have been modified to give it a race car feel. Though it may not be an everyday happening, but lateral support to the seats has been added for moments of exaggerated G force if any. For a daily commute to the work area and back, the seating won’t give any problems, but it is the long drive which may not seem so comfortable in the race car seats. What is very noticeable is a round sort of an area in the center of the dashboard which houses all the navigational and entertainment units. The steering carries on itself some controls for the audio system and the windows.

Mini John Cooper Works III Inside


Review Mini John Cooper Works III to see that ever since 2002 when the brand had its reincarnation, the pricing has always been at a premium. It holds true for this newer Avatar too. The manual version is pegged around $26,000 whereas the automatic model costs another $1500. The competition comes from the VW GTI which costs the same as the automatic model, though the Mini is a front wheel drive whereas the GTI has a 4 wheel drive option.

Mini John Cooper III

All in all the premium pricing does justify the excellent handling and an almost sports car feel.

Last fall, the Mini John Cooper Works previous generation was the fastest front-wheel car at the Nürburgring, however, the record was established not on the production vehicle but  on a specially prepared car.

Mini John Cooper Works III Metallic Color