Review Nissan Navara 3 – Remodelled Pickup

There were not many who used to drive a pick up as their day to day car. But the scenario is changing and many are proud to own a pick up as everyday transport. Nissan Navara launched in 2005 is one of the senior pickups around. The Japanese company did not feel the need of changing in its signature pick up much because it was consistent in the market. However, announcements of relaunch of some of the major competitors galvanized Nissan into face lifting its truck which was long overdue. Review Nissan Navara 3 and know that the pickup is arriving with a host of trimmings, refashioning, and adjustments.

Nissan Navara 3 Brown

Brand Nissan
Model Navara
Generation Navara III (D40)
Engine 3.0 V6 (231 Hp)
Doors 4
Power 231 hp
Maximum speed 195 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 9.3 sec
Fuel tank volume 80 l

Changes on the Outside

The new design is smooth with some contoured trail and tracks. Review Nissan Navara 3 and observe that the sharp lines and edges on the body are gone. The silhouette is smoothed and swollen. The front is improved with enhanced aerodynamics and a huge hood. The front grill is U shaped, which is also seen on some other Nissan models. The LED panel has daytime working lamps, LED indicators and the fog lamps have some highlighting of chrome. The rear has also undergone some changes with refashioned tailgates and lights. The truck has some additional height and width added to it.

Nissan Navara 3 Front

What’s about the inside?

The inside is no less than a SUV. The interior has seen a profound change and most of the material and mix is new. The seats are comfortable both in front and rear, owing to increased size, better footrest, and new doorways. The vehicle dashboard is improved with a long list of gadgetry. The media panel has a 7 inch TFT screen in modern color which manages functions like music, phone connectivity, and the GPS system. Review Nissan Navara 3 for the other goodies such as dual zone climate control, keyless entry, engine start, seats temperature control, cruise control, enhanced drive, and safety features.

Nissan Navara in the city

Engine Story

Navara cars in the Mountains

This new line of engine is more powerful, fuel friendly, and has an option of diesel and gasoline versions. The diesel engine is a 2.5 litre turbo which is available in high end and low end trimmings. The high end genre will deliver 188 horses with a turn power of 332 pound feet. The lower end unit has a power generation of 160 hp with a torque of 297 lb-ft. Four cylinder, 2.5 litre petrol version is expected to deliver 160 horses. Both of these are mated with a six speed manual or seven speed auto boxes. The vehicle is also available in a choice of rear wheel or 4 wheel drive. The company is claiming increased fuel efficiency by whopping 11%.

Nissan Navara 3, the pickup, is available in 6 color schemes:

  • Silver Diamond
  • Dark Grey
  • White Pearl
  • Savanna Orange
  • Classic Black
  • Earth Brown

It is set to be released next year and being made in Thailand. The vehicle after seeing such a major overhauling and remodelling has not lost its practicality, rather it is advanced in that field.

New pickup Nissan Navara generation 3 was presented in mid-June 2014, but only for the Asian market, and in the European premiere of the model specification was held at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015.

Nissan Navara Backdoor