Review Nissan Tiida 2015 – Swanky Avatar of Boring Hatchbacks

Rucked up with soft creases which embrace the outer chassis gracefully, this sassy car sets new standards of design and modelling. The jaunty exteriors combined with cheeky interiors are enough to send the car lovers in an entranced state. When we review Nissan Tiida 2015 we find that this gladdening remodeling with the hatchback model and the shift to Nissan- V platform of its built from previous Renault platform has added to its sublime charm.

Brand Nissan
Model Tiida 2015
Engine 1.4 V4
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 10.6—11.3 sec
Power 117 hp
Maximum speed 188 kmh

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The car is especially suitable for those who want to buy a feature loaded vehicle on a low budget, which the company boasts of gleefully and applauds the car as the cheapest buy in the Hatchback class. Those who are ready to compromise with a few safety features, which even might be of nugatory importance to many and set aside the drawbacks of a CVT engine, then Review Nissan Tiida 2015 and be sure that this car is absolutely the best buy option available in the markets.

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Review Nissan Tiida and its Tech Specifications

Rammed up with hippest features in the market, this opulent car is bound to leave people raving about its look and technical aspects. Although the first generation Review Nissan Tiida 2015 was available in two models of hatchback and sedan, this time consumers have an only option of being content with a lone hatchback model. The manners in which the promotions are being made are an indicative of the company breaking off from its old title of being a combo of compact and sub-compact hull.  If you review Nissan Tiida 2015 model, you will find that it is jam packed with latest attributes such as:

  • 17 inch wheels made of alloy
  • Power sunroof
  • Cruise control
  • 5.8 inch display system
  • Front seat armrest
  • 52 litre fuel tank capacity
  • Fuel economy of 6.1
  • Automatic transmission
  • 1.6 and 1.8 L engine capacity with 4 cylinders

Interior and Safety

If we review Nissan Tiida 2015, then we can easily conclude that the interiors are especially ducky, which have ample space in leg area and has room for 5 adults to fit in comfortably. The well-lit system with an uncluttered layout peps up the overall feel of sumptuous design and resonates with the sound of class that echoes all inside the car. The heavy built drivers will now have an option of painless driving without aches in their neck and back as the head area is built at a reasonable height as well. Material used is at par with the expectations of a posh car with soft plastic encasing the steering wheel.

Ergonomics of the Tiida is better than that of many classmates: the instrument cluster is clear and concise, complex multimedia and the climate system control buttons are large, conveniently located. The expensive trim levels offer navigation and rear-view camera

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Few drawbacks of the car lie in CVT engine and a lack of safety measures as there is absolutely no traction control and lack of stability and it definitely acts as the nadir in the car performance. But for the budget- strapped people, anti-lock braking system of car, EBD and dual air bag system does as good as any other safety measure would do for them.