Review Nissan X-Trail 3 – The Perfect Package

Known as Nissan Rogue in some parts of the world, this Japanese SUV, the Nissan Trail, has a pan-planet presence. Review Nissan X-Trail 3 to realize that it is quite liked internationally and has some tough competitors like Honda CR-V, the Mazda CX-5, and the GMC Terrain.

Brand Nissan
Model X-Trail
Generation X-Trail III (T32)
Engine 1.6 dCi (130 Hp) 4×4
Doors 5
Power 130 hp
Maximum speed 186 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 11.0 sec
Fuel tank volume 60 l

Nissan X-Trail Front Hood

The Concept on the Outside

If some confuse it with the Qashqai, then they can be forgiven. The styling resembles the Qashqai in terms of its masculine style, and aggressive stance. Add to that sleeker and defined flowing lines and you get the rhetoric of new X-Trail. Review Nissan X-Trail 3 is to observe that the car is built on the common module family platform which has improved production logistics and thus reduced its cost. This vehicle is lighter which has improved its fuel performance. The front face is a friable beak shaped with both the grille smoother. The lower grill has a mesh pattern with chrome bar underneath. The thick V shaped chrome bar is bold but gores well with the design. The front lamps are slanting and are layered with a LED ribbon. The rear is modeled to give the vehicle a more widened and flattened stance. The overhead spoiler with chrome focus adds splendor and brags ruggedness.

The Inside Fashioning

Nissan X-Trail Green Side doors

It’s good!!! Review Nissan X-Trail 3 and the mix and match of leather, contrast, chrome, and black is simply mesmerizing. The inside is spacious with improved aerodynamics and features. The front dash is well laid out with the panel featuring a 7 inch high definition touch pad. It is powered with the Nissan Connect system which provides for smooth connectivity with devices, infotainment functions, and climate control. Another touchscreen which is 5 inch is paced between the two dials and it takes care of all the drive assist information display. The most flamboyant feature is the panoramic glass roof which raises the bar when ambience and interior lighting is concerned.

The seats are comfortable with the back rows placed a little higher which helps in visibility of all travelling in the car. The seats have self-controls for temperature, slide and fold and they are designed scientifically to give back and spine support.

Among the practical advantages of this car there is opening angle of the rear door: it is over 80 degrees, which facilitates the access to the car interior. In addition, within it, you can create one large, comfortable and functional space, known as the luggage compartment, which, incidentally, is able to withstand loads up to 75 kg.

Nissan X-Trail 3 Inside

Drive-train Specs

The X-trail will have a single engine. The base model will have a supercharged 2.5 litre which is four cylinders- based and will be throwing out a power of 170 horses with a turning power of 175 pound feet. It will be mated to a 6-speed electronic CVT automatic gearbox. It will be available in two wheel drive with an optional all-wheel drive.

The Japanese assert that the X-Trail reaches a new level, becoming closer to the Infiniti premium models, however, the car, fortunately, has retained its off-road capability. Branded all mode 4x4i has not disappeared. Moreover, the system have been improved. It is controlled by a rotary switch. You can select the front-wheel drive mode and the four-wheel drive Auto or  Lock.

For this Nissan X-Trail 3, the fuel economy is set to be 11.05 km/l in city traffic and 14.03 km/l on the highway. Advanced driver assist feature such as Active Ride control improves the dampening in case of bumpy ride. Active Engine Brake manages the car while turning and cruising. Then there is Active Trace control and Hill Start Assist which enhance the ride quality and car responsiveness.

This SUV is set to be released into the market in the mid quarter of this year. The base model is expected to carry a price tag of $ 28,000.

Nissan X-Trail 3 New Car