Review Opel Corsa E OPC: Auto Engineering Excellence

Opel’s OPC models reflect sheer passion. And to review Opel Corsa E OPC without the same would be unfair. Read on to find out what this output of excellence comprises with passion.

Brand Opel
Model Corsa
Generation Corsa E 5-door
Engine 1.4 Turbo ECOTEC (140 Hp) start/stop
Doors 5
Power 140 hp
Maximum speed 207 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 8.9 sec
Fuel tank volume 45 l

Under the Hood

The latest Corsa E OPC has a 1.6 liter turbo ECOTEC engine with 207 hp which possesses a maximum torque of up to 280 Nm. Actually, it is 245 Nm at 5800 rpm but the over-boost functionality can elevate the torque up to 280 Nm. This is where maximum attention has been paid and it hence becomes the best upgrade from the last model. The six speed transmission transfers the OPC power to the front wheels which help this wonder race up to 100 km/hr before you count to 7 Mississipi-lessly (that is exactly 6.8 seconds). Although this baby can attain a top speed of 230 km/hr and has such sporting credentials, the engineers deserve applause for a decent mileage of 13.33 kmpl and carbon dioxide emission of 174 g/km.

Opel Corsa E OPC New

The Exterior to Admire

As seen in the Review Opel Corsa E has indeed some exclusive features. There is the new OPC-exclusive paint in flash blue and a front end design allows larger air intakes. An athlete may like to review Opel Corsa E OPC the most. The distinctive hood has a small scoop which would establish an immediate connection with any sportsperson. Its bold sill side trims and the dynamically modeled flanks contribute to the same.

Opel Corsa OPC is called sports car. It is endowed with enough colorful appearance. This gives the car the appearance of its domed roof, which lengthens into quite powerful rear quarter pillar . The new incarnation has got quite broad and swollen arches of rear wheels.

Opel Corsa E OPC Sky Blue

The design is as appealing when viewed from the rear. The trunk lid has a spoiler attached to it. The standard version of the same is more subtle compared to the flamboyant one which creates more downforce at the rear axle. Once you hit the gas, your attention is also drawn to the Remus exhaust twin-pipe. The roar and the view are both magnificent.

What’s Inside Matters

When you get into the car, you will not miss the charm of being an athlete at all. The leather steering wheel, Recaro seats, the OPC gear knob, the sports pedals, and Opel’s IntelliLink infotainment system contribute to the ambience. How about some details? If you are driving or even just sitting in the car, the comfort from a Recaro seat is unmatched, thanks to the prominent side support. And the connectivity that comes from IntelliLink is no less. Its compatibility with platforms like Android and Apple makes it a gem indeed and one need not to miss out any task for anything regarding the same.

Opel Corsa E OPC Interior

To review OpelCorsa E OPC has been a genuine pleasure but it will be nothing compared to that of driving it.

Opel Corsa E OPC in the Mountains