Review Opel Karl: All Set to Amaze You

You can review Opel Karl and feel like writing volumes about it, but then, this one has to be as small as its name and as crisp as its features. The Opel Group finally made the dream of possessing a 3.68 m long car with 5 doors and enough space for 5 people for an amount less than 10000 Euros a reality. Let’s look  what else it can offer inside and the outside.

Brand Opel
Model Karl
Generation Karl
Engine 1.0 ecoFLEX (75 Hp) start/stop
Doors 5
Power 75 hp
Maximum speed 170 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 13.9 sec
Fuel tank volume 32 l

The Look of the Job

Opel’s logo is made in metal and the chrome bar supporting it creates the typical dynamic Opel smile signature, which happens to be in all Opel cars. Karl is nothing short of it. But to characterize this model, there are three sharp lines on the side. The door handles have two sharp lines which run through them. They symbolize the high-quality character. The tail lights and headlights are large and contribute to the appearance of the vehicle.

Opel Karl Leather interior

Technologies underneath the metal car body

Apart from the good looks, the smallest member of the Opel family is also known for possessing the all-new 1.0 ECOTEC with 55kw/75hp, the latest from Opel Powertrain technology. It is 3- cylinder 1 liter gasoline engine which has marvelous efficiency and would impress even experts with its running smoothness. It is designed explicitly for Opel Karl. The soft five speed transmission allows drivers to regulate power perfectly and its steering wheel and chassis provide impeccable safety and world class comfort. You may even review Opel Karl for the sake of comfort while sitting inside it.

Opel Karl Awesome

There are all this and the following to lure you into a purchase:

Opel Karl Backdoor

  • ESP with traction control
  • Hill Start Assist which will not allow the car to roll back when starting on a slope
  • ABS and Electronic Brake Force Distribution.

And if these isn’t enough, Karl is all set to have a further safety feature highlight in the Lane Departure Warning. Among other features they have the City mode which reduces the effort needed to steer, cruise control to limit speeds to a legal limit and fog lights for better vision in dreadful weather conditions.

What else are we missing in the car? Does it have a sunroof? Wish granted! An optional sunroof is also available.

Unbelievable but Practical

Opel Karl at the Presentation

Although small, Opel Karl does know how to treat a driver. There is an ample room for the driver and a lot of attention to detail has been paid during the producing of this one. Any driver can be connected to the car. And that goes to remind that we don’t review Opel Karl without mentioning the Opel IntelliLink infotainment system, which has compatibility with platforms like Apple and Android. It does fill in the gap between driving and fun. Your smartphone is in the car. And it doesn’t take more than a smartphone to look the car up and make a purchase for less than 10000 Euros.

To review Opel Karl was good, driving it would be better and owning it- undoubtedly the best.



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