Review Skoda Fabia 3: All Details About The New Skoda Fabia Generation 3

Brand Skoda
Model Fabia
Generation Fabia III
Engine 1.2 TSI (110 Hp) DSG
Doors 5
Power 110 hp
Maximum speed 196 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 9.4 sec
Fuel tank volume 45 l

Skoda Fabia has always been among the top premier hatchbacks available in the market. Its USP is spacious, stylish, and diversified. Review Skoda Fabia 3 to see that the latest edition of the car christened Fabia Generation 3 doesn’t deviate from the basic theme and comes loaded with more goodies inside the cabin.

Exterior – Skoda Fabia 3

The body has been reshaped using the patent design of Skoda style. Its cleaner and leaner lines as compared to the earlier versions with a grille that have a very definite and geometric shape give it somewhat aggressive poise. Review Skoda Fabia 3 to realize that the aft of the vehicle has been cleverly designed by providing the area below the tail-gate with slight inward angulations which act as an optical illusion of squat and wide body.

Skoda Fabia 3 new Great

Since the early days of Skoda Octavia the rear lamps have been provided with a distinct C shape. The design has been carried over to the new Fabia with a subtle extension to the side of the car. The front headlights have been remodeled to give a clean and sharp look. Higher ended models are provided with LED daytime running lights along with the headlamps.

Wheels beneath this hatchback come in varied shape and sizes. The 15 inch wheel is a standard but 16 and 17 inch options are also available to build up on the sporty looks.

Skoda Fabia 3 Metallic Color

Skoda Fabia 3 – Engines

As the company has borrowed from the mother company and  in this regard Volkswagen has obliged by providing the 1.0 liter and 1.2 liter Petrol engines that do the job on the Polo. In addition there are options available in diesel with 1.4 liter TDI engine. The one liter petrol produces 59bhp in normal and 79 bhp in turbo configuration. The 1.2 liter produces a descent 89 and 109 bhp of power. On the other hand the diesels churn out 89 bhp and 103 bhp in turbo configuration.

Skoda Fabia 3 Backdoor

When you review Skoda Fabia 3 you can feel that these numbers are adequate enough to get you around the city in comfort but do not consider this to be a speed demon. The numbers, however, won’t be too encouraging for the racing enthusiasts. The diesel engine’s sound is rather barken and rumble, so a suggestion of sticking with petrol may help the buyer.


The car, as mentioned earlier, carries forward the tradition of being overtly spacious inside. The cabin is long and wide enough to accommodate 5 people comfortably. A combination of black and beige for the upholstery and the fittings give the car a very sophisticated and upmarket feel. To add on to the fantastic combination the dash is presented in a matt black finish, thus completing rather compelling contrast. The infotainment system is  placed in the dashboard and all the controls for patching on to the mobile and music are on your fingertips.

Skoda Fabia 3 front

There is keyless locking and starting system which is a feature of the higher end models has been provided in  Fabia, thereby making it a technological “hub”. For the best visibility an option of a large panoramic sunroof can be taken. Safety features include 6 airbags with side impact beams and a speed limiter. Fabia comes with multi collision brakes, thus being a hatchback with perhaps the best safety profile.

Review Skoda Fabia 3 and conclude that it is a definite catch, especially with higher displacement petrol engines.

Skoda Fabia 3 Side doors