Review Skoda Fabia 3 Combi: Designed for Better Value

Review Skoda Fabia 3 Combi and observe that the creators of Fabia 3 have done more than just elongating the tail- gate of the hatchback and provided the market with a real utilitarian small car.

Brand Skoda
Model Fabia
Generation Fabia III Combi
Engine 1.4 TDI (90 Hp)
Doors 5
Power 90 hp
Maximum speed 184 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 11.3 sec
Fuel tank volume 45 l

Skoda Fabia 3 Combi – External Look

The car has been designed with the VisionC car design language of Skoda and undoubtedly offers a very appealing picture to the onlooker. This Skoda Fabia 3 Combi, like its sister, Fabia, it too comes with options to put run on wheels of varying width and shapes. The standard fitting is with a 15 inch alloy but it can be modified for a more sporty looking 16 and 17 inch rollers.

Skoda Fabia 3 Combi door


Fabia Combi designers have cleverly played around with the available space and carved out an interior with more than ample leg and head space. The luggage boot is touted to be the largest in its segment with 530 liters and 1395 liters when the back seats folded down. And then there are nifty little things like a bottle holder in the glove compartment – not very utilitarian but catchy nevertheless. Combi takes interactivity to a new level with something called the Smart gate wherein one can go through various parameters of the car by patching on a smartphone to the smart gate software.

Skoda Fabia 3 Combi white

The interiors are meticulously crafted with tinges of beige with contrasting black color in the background. All this is no different from the interiors of Fabia 3. The infotainment system lies in a dash of black section and provides all information about navigation and safety. If it is patched to a smartphone through Bluetooth, it is capable to receive calls and also reading aloud text and e-mail messages.

Skoda Fabia 3 Combi wheel

When you review Skoda Fabia 3 Combi, you observe that like the Superb, Fabia Combi is also based on the MQB platform and thus is provided with the things like KESSY (Keyless locking and starting). A three spoke steering wheel sits proudly on the dash with various color combinations as per the interior designs. Mounted steering controls the infotainment system which is a standard for all models.

The higher end models come with a tinted black glass sunroof with a panoramic view, giving a cool feel even during the drive in the warmest afternoon.

Skoda Fabia 3 Combi View from above


The engines are the same which are used in Volkswagen Polo and come in various displacements. The petrol options  are with 1.0 and 1.2 liter displacement while the diesel engines are rated at 1.4 liters. The engines with lower displacement are frugal but sacrifice a lot on the power and pick up. The 1.0 liter petrol engine pulls the vehicle from 0 to 100 in a somnolent 14.9 seconds. With more dynamic 1.2 TSI petrol version, the same distance is covered in 9.6 seconds. The diesel engines, though easy on the pocket, emanates a harsh and clunky sound which is definitely head- turning.


The drive with top of the line Petrol engine is smooth, quiet, and nimble. The driver’s comfort and that of the passengers is well observed.


A front assistant system implements the possibility of collision and automatically applies the brakes so as to minimize the impact. The impact itself is taken care of by optional 6 airbags which include side safety curtains. The Driver activity assistant monitors the driver’s activity looking out for signs of driver fatigue and forewarning in advance.

You should review Skoda Fabia 3 Combi considering its ample space and rugged built which may be a sure hot seller of the future.

Skoda Fabia 3 Combi