Review Ssangyong Nomad: Explore the Unexplored Terrains

The model made its first public appearance in 2013 and has been improved upon thereafter. It’s being exported to Russia where it is on sale under the name of SsangYong Nomad. It is being imported as CKDs (completely Knocked down Kits) and reassembled in Kazakhstan. To Review Ssangyong Nomad it is worth saying that the looks, even the shape of the body resembles the Actyon. The front part of the car is slightly different from its ancestor, it is a contemporary reflection of the South Korean car design.

Ssangyong Nomad View from above

Price $17 000
Top speed 106mph
0-62mph 12.0sec
Engine 4cyls, 1597cc

How is it externally? – Review SsangYong Nomad

With a very impressive ground clearance of 227 mm, the SsangYong Nomad is modern enough in its external appearance. It has got a large 2740mm wheel base and as a standard fitment, it rides on 16 inch alloy wheels which by present day standards are a little lean for an SUV tire. It has got a nice squat shaped body going for it with pleasant linear lines running along its sides. Its large and slightly angled headlamps give it a rather feline sort of an appeal which is enhanced by the powerful bumper. The headlamps also come with daytime LED lights. Its coupe lineage can be made out from the large sloping roof merging into a large tilted glass and forming the tailgate. Massive wheel arches give this vehicle its unique look.

Review SsangYong Nomad and you find it is available to the buyers in 5 color choices: Fine Silver, Grand White, Indian red, Cyber Grey, and Space Black.

Ssangyong Nomad back


To say that the interior does not quite live up to the great exterior would perhaps be an understatement. Though rugged and tough looking with a solid feel about it, the interior is far from being modern. The driver and passenger seats are generally comfortable enough but not in the plush category. The good thing about the cabin is the humungous space. Both the front and back seats can easily house passengers with vertical dimensions of more than 190 cms. The view from the driver’s seat is wide and impressive and even a person with generous bodily proportions driving the SUV would not feel cramped or restricted to reach over to the dashboard controls. The boot space is good with 486 Liters which can be increased to 1615 liters on folding the rear seats. The steering wheel is ergonomic with good tactile feedbacks and plenty of controls on the wheel itself. However, what is lacking and strikingly so, even in the top line model, is the option for paddle shift and an infotainment system. In the vehicles of this class and category, even a navigation system is a standard fitting. However, the Nomad has a standard Music system with CD changers et al. Review SsangYong Nomad to conclude that this is one area which if improved upon can really rev up the sales of the vehicle.

Ssangyong Nomad Headlights

Engine Specs

Neither in the motor nor in the transmission there is nothing new. Nomad is still SUV of classical configuration: frame structure, axent  rear suspension and wheel drive with two-stage transfer gearbox.

The model available in Kazakhstan comes with a 2.3 liter petrol engine with an all wheel drive and an option to choose between a 5 speed manual and 6 speed automatic transmissions. The engine provides a decent enough output of 150 HP with 214 Nm of torque.


The baseline model sells for $ 23700 and the top of the line version is priced at $ 28200.

Ssangyong Nomad light

Ssangyong Nomad DashboardWhen you review SsangYong Nomad, you observe that the vehicle certainly may be good for the tougher terrains but it has a lot of potential to improve. A little work in those areas can make this car a hot selling cake.

Ssangyong Nomad in the Mountains