Review Suzuki Vitara 2 – The New SUV in Town

Since its inception in 1988, Vitara series has been an important cog in the automotive industry, serving the locomotion needs of many. The Japanese have been one of the predominant contributors to this industry and they are currently working on this model of theirs to bring out an upgraded, flawless, and full of comfort compact sports utility vehicle. Well, how much they will be able to enchant their buyer is to be seen in Review Suzuki Vitara 2.

Brand Suzuki
Model Vitara
Generation Vitara II
Engine 2
Doors 4
Power 169hp
Maximum speed 175 km/h
Acceleration to 100 km/h 11.2 sec
Fuel tank volume 66 l

Suzuki Vitara Presentation

The Refashioned Exoteric Parameters

The new Vitara based on iV-4 concept is going to take designing cues from other recent Suzuki design models. It has a shorter chassis but a bulkier and meaner exterior. The hood is typical Suzuki style clam-shell with illuminated front grills. There is an additional 5-slot grill in front and the front is adorned with a set of fog lights and LED panels. The vehicle is going to be offered in a choice of two- doors or four- doors options. The two doors option looks shorter and narrower with more of overhaul space. The front seats are passenger seats. The four- doors version is larger and has a seating capacity of 5. Review Suzuki Vitara 2 to observe that the overall look of the vehicle is much sportier than its third gen sibling.

Suzuki Vitara Blue

The Interior of Body Contents

The interior is going to carry forward the story of refurbishing. The entire innards are made of high quality blend of materials. The seating comfort will be heightened with the use of complete hide. The panel will be clutter free and clearly displayed. The car display is going to have entire information regarding the vehicle’s performance like fuel quality, pressure, and all the other required info. If you review Suzuki Vitara 2, you realize that it is going to be high on comfort, technology and gear.

Suzuki Vitara Two View Sky blue

Engine Specs

Well, that is the most interesting part of the entire Vitara story. It is still not clear which engine will finally get the honor of moving this beauty. Some of the speculated options can be summed up as:

  • A 1.4 litre, four cylinder motor which is set to be strapping and economical
  • Then there can be 2.0 litre, 4 cylinder machine which is expected to deliver a mean 150 hp
  • A Four cylinder, 2.4 litre, churning out power equivalent to 166 horses and a turning power of 162 pound feet
  • It will have a standard front wheel drive
  • Optional four wheel drive

Suzuki Vitara Side doors

Review Suzuki Vitara 2 to understand that whatever contraption it comes with, it is rooted to have a better performance and drive experience than before. With a language of sports and improved drive quality, it is well awaited SUV. Coming with a price tag of $ 20 000 up to $ 26 000, it is going to be a perception of allure combined with sporty language. The rivals like  Toyota RAV4, Renault Captur, and Ford Escape are going to have their work cut out for them.

Suzuki Vitara Interior

Suzuki Vitara Backdoor