Review Toyota Alphard 3‏: Minivan with an X- Factor

There was a time when minivans were a craze. The time of bigger families when need for space was stronger than the style and performance. Slowly that era gave way to stylish, stunner, and sportier cars and minivans took a backseat. They were bland if not tasteless. Still they did not die and kept going even though their market shrunk. If you review Toyota Alphard 3‏, the Japanese automakers decided to revamp and remodel the minivans to bring in a fresh leash into the segment and revive the minivan to make it more desirable and charming.

Brand Toyota
Model Alphard
Generation Alphard III
Engine 3.5 (280 Hp)
Doors 5
Coupe type Minivan
Seats 7
Fuel Type Petrol (Gasoline)

Toyota Alphard White

The Exterior

Toyota Alphard Black

Well, the new Toyota Alphard 3 is all set to redefine its place in the car list. It is no more synonymous with the unsightly car. One look at the front and you will know why. The front grill is enormous and muscular with a mesh detailing which goes all the way down to join the lower grill. The company’s insignia is situated proudly right on the top of the huge grill and looks like a crown. A redesigned light panel includes LED panels, daytime running lights, and a pair of fog lights that are pushed back a little to give the grill a diamond feel. The rear is classic U- shaped which melts into the rear lights and creates a large and powerful car body. The car has improved aerodynamics as well. Review Toyota Alphard 3‏ properly to realize that the overall feel of this new van is more stylish, daring, bold, and powerful. It seems Toyota has achieved a mean feat in its restyling attempt.

Toyota Alphard Black Edition

The Insides of Toyota Alphard 3

The comfort has a new meaning. 8 people can seat comfortably, the space is enormous. Even the six plus feet people will seat in style without cramping their knees to accommodate. With more than good legroom and headspace, it is hugely spacious. The interior Toyota Alphard 3 is premium with genuine leather on the seats which is hard to find in a minivan. The car is silent due to its improved aerodynamics and amended sound and vibration dwindling mechanisms. The technology panel has many new gadgets packed into it. Some of the features in the assemblage include single hand seat controls, ceiling illumination of 16 colors, split folding third row seats, tables for back seats, separate cup holders for all seats, high end climate control, Bluetooth connection, storage space for devices, 17-speaker excellent sound system, parking assists, and many more.

Toyota Previa 2015 Inside Leather interior

Drive and Motor

The motor contraption comes in a choice of base, hybrid, and optional variations. The base Toyota Alphard 3 doohickey can be summarized as:

  • A 2.5-liter 2AR-FE motor assembly which is capable of delivering up to 180 horses
  • Mated with 7-speed Sports Sequential-Shiftmatic Super CVT-i setup
  • Advanced stop and start setup for better economy which is expected to be at 30mpg

The hybrid model can be summed up as:

  • Motor is a 2.5 litre Atkinson cycle which throws out a power of 150 horses
  • It has two electric motors. One in front and one in the rear. The front motor delivers a power of 141 horses and the rear one churns up 67 hp
  • It is paired with e-CVT and is an E-four wheel drive
  • The fuel economy is at 19.4 km/l

Toyota Alphard White

The optional is a sturdier engine which packs a punch at 276 horses. It is a V6 gear which has a 3.5-liter 2GR-FE unit. It is mated with a 6-speed Super ECT automatic box and delivers a mileage of 9.5 km/l.

Toyota Alphard 3 is set to be priced around $27,000 and it is expected to be launched in the 1st quarter of next year.

Toyota Alphard Two Seats