Review Volkswagen Passat B8 – The New Premium

The 8th generation Volkswagen Passat B8 has got its calling. It was never a frontrunner in VW sales but the new package may change that a lot. The new Passat was unveiled at the design centre in Potsdam, made its first public appearance in the famed Paris auto show. The model is set to arrive in the European markets soon but the US nationals will have to hold fort till 2017 or 2018. Review Volkswagen Passat B8 and observe changes, mpg, the looks, and the drive.

The Drive Melange – Review Volkswagen Passat B8

Volkswagen Passat B8 Black

Brand Volkswagen
Model Passat
Generation Passat (B8)
Engine 2.0 TDI (240 Hp) BMT DSG 4MOTION
Doors 4
Power 240 hp
Maximum speed 240 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 6.1 sec
Fuel tank volume 66 l

The new Passat is built on the new MQB platform of VW which it shares with the Polo and Golf. It is going to have a unique conglomeration of chassis, engine, and transmissions. The sedan is going to have an offering of staggering 10 engines. Yes, you heard it right! Ten engine options which will have a diesel configuration as well. The forage also has a plug-in hybrid type having 1.4 litre four cylinders teemed with a 100hp electric motor. The combined power generation is a whopping 207 hp. These engines are set to provide a power range of 118 hp to 276 hp.

Volkswagen Passat B8 in the Mountains

Out of the array, the most noteworthy is the 2.0 litre twin turbocharged engine that coughs up an impressive power performance of 265 horsepower and a turning power of 368 lb-ft. This immense torque pushed the carmakers to make the vehicle a four wheel drive to balance out all this turning power so that it does take the wheel right out of the road. The car builds up the torque rapidly when it is pushed and the bulk responds smoothly thanks to the four wheel drive.

What is it on the outside?

Volkswagen Passat B8 Metallic Color

Build on the MQB platform, it is lighter by 187 pounds. Review Volkswagen Passat B8 closely and it has a new style language which is sleeker on the side. The lines are few and well defined, thus giving it a clean defined look. The car designers have worked with the horizontal style to make the car look lower. The bonnet has been lowered as well with the A-pillars thrown a bit back. The wheelbase is enlarged as well which has helped in making it more spacious in the back. The front design is dynamic with skewed headlamps, fresh style radiator grills, and billowed hood. The back end is clean with rounded corners and LED lamps. A number of sub-systems can infatuate. Just mention a few: the emergency brake in an urban setting City Emergency Braking; with the front monitoring system Front Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control ACC, which is able to completely stop the vehicle; the system to prevent secondary collisions Multi Collision Brake, “blind zones” monitoring function Blind Spot, system of dynamic management of distant light Dynamic Light Assist, Vehicle retention assistant Line Assist, all- sky cameras, sports chassis or DCC adaptive chassis, steering with progressive characteristic, which reduces the number of steering wheel revolutions.

The Insides

Volkswagen Passat B8 Presentation

The innards have undergone a complete makeover with premium style materials and top of the line tech assortment to give it that uber feel. Review Volkswagen Passat B8 for the dashboard and you will find it is a virtual cockpit with its consortium, though some may find it a bit crammed and confusing. The display has a 12.3 inch TFT touchscreen and the gadgetry includes protractible head-up parade and rear seat infotainment.

With the kind of array which comes for this car, the price is not expected to change much. So it is going to be quite a bargain for the buyer.

Volkswagen Passat B8 Interior

Volkswagen Passat B8 Dashboard