REVIEW VOLVO XC 90 II: New Challenge with Promising Technologies

The Swedish car maker has begun 2015 with announcement of the 2015 VOLVO XC 90 and positioned it as the safest car it has ever built. You should review Volvo XC 90 II which perhaps is the most awaited launch of the year and it makes itself comfortable in the luxury SUV segment.

VOLVO XC 90 II in the City

Brand Volvo
Model XC90
Generation XC90 II
Engine 2.0 T8 (408 Hp) AWD Automatic Hybrid
Doors 5
Power 408 hp
Maximum speed 230 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 5.6 sec
Fuel tank volume 50 l

Exteriors – Review Volvo XC 90 II

The Volvo SUVs of yore had a rugged box like shape which has been radically altered by the new design language of Volvo. Review Volvo XC 90 II to know that nothing works without a design language these days! Not deviating from the topic, the new XC 90 comes in very aggressive styling the epitome of which can be seen on its front end that bears two thin headlights. This gives an impression of dominance and contempt of the road and its surroundings. A uniquely styled day light running LED lamps give it an air of the Viking era around it. The squat look of the front end is further augmented by the large front bumper and bluff grille. The lithe look of the vehicle is given more emphasis by the raked wind screen pillars and rounded wheel arches. The vehicle rides on 19 inch alloy wheels which give it somewhat rugged feel to it. The rear end of the vehicle is a little subdued in its styling but not overtly so. The rear lights are a pair of vertical pillars which run down from the top of the boot right down to almost where the bumper is.

VOLVO XC 90 II Dashboard


The moment you enter the cabin the first thing which grabs your attention is the rich and clean feel about it. The main area of the dash is covered by the infotainment system screen which is no less than 9 inches of electronic real estate boxed in by two AC vents which give it a “belong there” touch. The entire system which includes a 3D navigation and collision prevention modules along with music is controlled by touch or the jog wheel that resides in between the two front seats. Besides this, there is liberal smattering of wood in the cabin along with leather upholstery.

VOLVO XC 90 II at the Presentation

 Review Volvo XC 90 II Engine

The engine options available for the XC 90 range from a 2.0 liter petrol which coughs out 316 BHP and is available in turbo and supercharged versions and a 2.0 liter D5 diesel which generates 225 BHP of power. Both the versions are mated to an 8 speed automatic transmission. The diesel engine is the quieter and more refined of the lot. The near future would bring in a hybrid engine which in actuality would be a petrol engine connected to an electric motor, thus bringing out 390 BHP of power.


VOLVO XC 90 II inside back

VOLVO XC 90 II Inside

The drive is highly refined and supremely comfortable. Review Volvo XC 90 II for safety and the technologies like automatic tightening of seat belts when running off the road and automatic braking do not disappoint you. The driver can drive in a cocoon of serene calmness and security.

Of course, the Swedes equipped Volvo XC90 in 2016 with the most modern safety systems, some of which are innovative. For example, the car already in the database has the Auto brake at intersections and Run-off road protection.

 Review Volvo XC 90 II Price

The price ranges from $ 48,900 to $ 54,000 depending on the engine opted for and the model.

VOLVO XC 90 II Sky Blue