The Precise Hatch – Review Mazda 2

A premier hatchback with a legacy of about 6 years, Mazda 2 has improved upon its original credentials and if to review Mazda 2 it can now be counted as a very well equipped, extremely good looking, and an able 4 wheeler which just happens to be having the dimensions of a compact car.

Brand Mazda
Model 2
Generation 2 IV (DJ)
Engine 1.5i (115 Hp)
Doors 5
Power 115 hp
Maximum speed 200 km/h
Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h 8.7 sec
Fuel tank volume 44 l

The thing about Japanese cars is that they are designed with alacrity and precision. And if we venture into the ultra-busy and congested hatchback section of the automobile industry, the car makers from the land of the rising sun have carved a name for themselves. To this heady mix the latest avatar of the Mazda 2 is introduced.

Review Mazda 2- The Exoteric Aura

Mazda 2 Front

Whereas the earlier version of the Mazda 2 had an uncanny resemblance to the Hyundai i20 2009 – 10 models, the newer edition has a more aggressive look to it. The shield like front grille and tapered front lights give it a very feline sort of a touch. Rolling on relatively large wheels the latest Mazda 2 is surely something to behold.

Never before subcompact car was as emotional and technologically advanced. Designers and engineers have done Mazda2 bright and not ordinary, in fact, this is the plan of the creators.


Mazda 2 in the City

The racy beauty and attractiveness is carried inside too. The designers have cleverly made a heady cocktail out of sporty looks and modern racy designs. The car comes complete with an infotainment system which is the same as found in the Mazda 3 and Mazda 6. In between the front two seats a click wheel is placed and advanced models get a heads-up display, something like the fighter pilots get in the cockpit, to concentrate on the road while driving. The infotainment system besides having the usual connections of USB port, etc., also seamlessly patches on to the mobile phones through Bluetooth and takes care of most of the communication needs including calls, text messages, and even emails. Review Mazda 2 and observe to add a touch of style, the front seats cater for a couple of vanity mirrors too.

Power train

Mazda 2 Collage

The engines of Mazda 2 come in two flavors. The 1.5 Liter petrol mated to a six speed automatic transmission and the same engine channels the power through a six speed manual transmission. In the near future the Mazda 2 2016 would also be offered with a new Skyactiv D 1.5 liter diesel engine. On the numbers front the petrol engine makes about 89 hp and the diesel engine would make about 104 hp. Review Mazda 2 closely to realize that with these numbers, the acceleration figures won’t be much to rave about but what would surely take the cake would be the extremely nimble handling and ultra-comfortable ride quality.

Safety Features

The first and foremost is the heads-up display which would definitely prevent distractive glances to the dashboard. Front and rear airbags come as a standard feature along with ABS brakes and a Dynamic stability control system. Higher end models come with a collision protect system “i-Activsense” which continuously monitors the vehicle ahead at city speeds and if a collision is imminent, then it prepares the brakes for a faster response. It also can automatically come to a halt if the driver’s reflexes are not up to the task.

Slotted to be priced around $ 15500 the Mazda 2 surely hits the sweet spot.

Review Mazda 2 Dashboard

Review Mazda 2 on Highway